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Quran verses and the Universe

In Surat al-Isra verse 88, God shows the majesty of the Qur'an:

"Say: 'Verily if men and jinn gathered to make it similar to the Koran, they would not be able to make something similar with him, even if some of them to be servants of one another.'" (Surat al-Isra: 88)
Allah revealed the Quran to humanity fourteen centuries ago. Some new facts can be revealed by the technology of the 21st century it has been revealed by God in the Qur'an fourteen centuries ago. This indicates that Al Quran is one of the most important evidence that allows us to know the existence of God.

In the Qur'an, there is plenty of evidence that Al Quran is from God, that mankind will never be able to make something like it. One proof of this is the verses (signs) Al Quran contained in the universe.

In accordance with paragraph "We will show them the signs (of power) We are scattered across and on themselves, so it is clear to them that the Koran is the truth. And if thy Lord is not enough (for you) that He saw everything something? " (Surah Fushilat: 53), much of the information contained in the Koran are consistent with those in the external world. It is Allah who has created the universe and therefore have some knowledge about the whole thing. God also has revealed the Quran. For people who believe in a careful, earnest, and wise, a lot of information and analysis in the Qur'an that they can see and learn.

However, keep in mind that the Qur'an is not a science book. Purpose of the Qur'an's revelation is as disclosed in the following verses:

"Alif lam ra. (This is) the Book which We have sent down unto you that ye may remove people from darkness to bright light with the permission of God Almighty, the Praised." (Surah Ibrahim: 1)

"... To be a guide and warning to those who think." (Surat al-Mu'min: 54)

In short, Allah revealed the Qur'an as a guide for believers. Al Quran to explain to people how to become a servant of Allah and seek His good pleasure.

However, the Qur'an also gives basic information on such things as the creation of the universe, human birth, the structure of the atmosphere, and the balance in the heavens and the earth. The fact that the information in the Qur'an in accordance with the latest findings of modern science is important, because it confirms that the suitability of the Qur'an is the "word of God". According to the verse, "Do they not consider the Koran? If you would Quran was not from Allah, they would have got a lot of contradictions in it" (Surat an-Nisa: 82), there is a remarkable harmony between the statements in the Qur'an and the external world.

On the following pages we will discuss the remarkable similarity between the information about the universe that exist in the Qur'an and in science.

"He who has created seven heavens in layers. You never saw the creation of God, Most Gracious, something that is not balanced. Then look again and again, there you see something that is not balanced? Then look at once again, your vision will undoubtedly back to you with no defects and sight to find something that was in terrible condition. " (Surat al-Mulk: 3-4)

The Big Bang Theory (Big Bang), and His teachings

Question of how the universe was flawless at first formed, where it's heading, and how to work laws that maintain order and balance, has always been a topic of interest.

Opinion of the materialists are valid for several centuries until the early 20th-century states, that the universe has infinite dimensions, has no beginning, and will remain there forever. According to this view, the so-called "static universe model", the universe has no beginning nor end.

By providing the basis for materialist philosophy, this view denies the existence of the Creator, by declaring that the universe is a collection of material that is a constant, stable, and unchanging. However, developments in science and technology of the 20th century destroyed the primitive concepts such as the static universe model. Currently, at the beginning of the 21st century, through a large number of experiments, observations, and calculations, modern physics has reached the conclusion that the universe had a beginning, that the universe was created out of nothing and was started by a huge explosion.

Moreover, contrary to the opinion of the materialists, the conclusion states that the universe was not stable or constant, but always moving, changing, and expanding. Currently, these facts have been recognized by the scientific world. Now, let us see how the facts are very important this is explained by science.

"All that is in the heavens and the earth is to glorify God (expressing the greatness of Allah). He is the Mighty, the Wise. Unto Him is the kingdom of heaven and earth, He was turning on and off, and He has power over all things." (Surat al-Hadid: 1-2)

Expansion of the Universe

In 1929, at Mount Wilson Observatory in California, an American astronomer named Edwin Hubble made one of the most important findings in the history of astronomy. When observing a star with a giant telescope, he discovered that the light emitted by the stars shifted to the red end of the spectrum. He also found that this shift is seen more clearly if the star is more distant from the earth. The findings are shocking the world of science. Under the laws of physics are recognized, the spectrum of the light beam that moves close to the point of observation is likely to be purple, while the light beam moves away from the point of observation is likely to be red. Hubble observations show that the light from stars tend towards red. This means that the stars are constantly moving away from us.

Not long after that, Hubble made another important discovery: Stars and galaxies are not only moving away from us, but also away from each other. The only conclusion that can be made about the universe are all moving away from each other it is that the universe is constantly expanding.

For easy to understand, imagine the universe as the surface of a balloon being blown. Just as the points on the surface of the balloon will inflate the balloon away from each other because, objects in space away from each other as the universe continues to expand. Actually, this fact has been found in theory. Albert Einstein, a famous scientist of this century, while work on the General Theory of Relativity, initially concluded that it makes the equation shows that the universe could not be static. However, he changed the equation, by adding a "constant" to produce a static universe model, as this is the dominant idea at that time. Einstein later called his actions as "the biggest mistake of his career".

So, what is the significance of this fact the expansion of the universe to the universe?

Expansion of the universe implies that the universe originated from a single point. Calculation results show that the "single point" that contains all of the material universe must have had "zero volume" and "infinite density". The universe was created by the explosion of a single point with zero volume is. A huge explosion that marks the beginning of the universe is called the Big Bang (Big Bang), and the theory is named after the name of the explosion.

It should be said here that the "zero volume" is a descriptive term theoretical aims. Science is only able to define the concept of "nothingness", which exceed the limits of human understanding, to express a single point as "a point which has zero volume". Actually, "a point that has no volume" means "nothing". The universe emerged from nothing. In other words, the universe was created.

This fact, which was discovered by modern physics at the end of this century, has been reported by the Qur'an fourteen centuries ago:

"He is the Creator of heaven and earth." (Surat al-An `am: 101)

If we compare the statements in the paragraph above with the Big Bang theory, it looks very obvious similarities. However, this theory is introduced as a scientific theory in the 20th century.

Expansion of the universe is one of the most important evidence that the universe was created out of nothing. Although the above facts discovered in the 20th century, God has told us this fact in the Qur'an 1,400 years ago:

"It is We wake up with power (We) and We will truly powerful." (Surat Adh-Dzariyat: 47)

In 1948, George Gamov proposed another idea concerning the Big Bang theory. He stated that after the formation of the universe from a great explosion, the universe should have a surplus of radiation, left over from the explosion. Moreover, this radiation should be spread evenly throughout the universe.

Evidence "that there should be" was soon discovered. In 1965, two researchers named Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson discovered these waves by chance. Radiation-called "background radiation" does not seem to radiate from a particular source, but it covers the entire space. Thus, it is understood that the heat wave that radiates uniformly in all directions in space were left from the early stages of the Big Bang. Penzias and Wilson was awarded the Nobel Prize for this discovery.

In 1989, NASA sent the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) into space to conduct research on the background radiation. The scanner is sensitive to the satellite only takes eight minutes to confirm the measurements of Penzias and Wilson. COBE had found the remains of a huge explosion that started the formation of the universe.

Another important evidence regarding the Big Bang is the amount of hydrogen and helium in space. At the latest count, it is known that the concentration of hydrogen-helium in the universe according to theoretical calculations of hydrogen-helium concentration remaining from the Big Bang. If the universe had no beginning and if the universe existed since the existence of immortality (infinite time), should be abandoned entirely and converted hydrogen into helium.

All of this evidence forced the scientific community to accept the Big Bang theory. This model is the last point reached by the experts associated with the beginnings of cosmology and the formation of the universe.

Dennis Sciama, who defended the steady state theory (steady-state) together with Fred Hoyle for years, describes the final position they achieved after gathering all the evidence about the Big Bang theory. Sciama said that he had taken part in a heated debate between the defenders of the theory of steady state and those who test and hope to deny the theory. He added that he had defended the steady state theory is not because they think the theory is correct, but because he hoped that the theory is true. Fred Hoyle stand up to all the objections to this theory, while contrary evidence began to unfold. Subsequently, Sciama first told me that he opposed with Hoyle. However, when evidence began to pile up, he admitted that the debate has been completed and the steady state theory should be abolished.

Prof. George Abel of the University of California also said that now there is evidence to suggest that the universe began billions of years ago, beginning with the Big Bang. He admitted that he had no choice but to accept the Big Bang theory.

With the victory of the Big Bang theory, the concept of "eternal substance" which is the basis of materialist philosophy thrown into the trash heap of history. So, what existed before the Big Bang, and strength is what makes the universe is "no" with a big bang, the universe if the previous "no"? This question clearly implies, in the words of Arthur Eddington, the fact "philosophically unfavorable" (not profitable for the materialist), namely the existence of the Creator. Athony Flew, a renowned atheist philosopher, commented on this as follows:

Everyone knows that confession is good for the soul. Therefore, I will begin with the claim that atheists Stratonician been embarrassed by the contemporary cosmological consensus. It seems that the cosmologists have scientific evidence about which, according to St. Thomas could not be proved philosophically; namely that the universe had a beginning. Throughout the universe can be considered to have no end or beginning, people still easy to claim that the existence of the universe, and everything to its most basic, an explanation must be accepted as a last resort. Although I still believe that this is still true, but it is really difficult and uncomfortable to maintain this position in front of the Big Bang story.

Many scientists, who do not blindly conditioned to be an atheist, has acknowledged the existence of the Creator in the creation of the universe. He must have a Creator who created matter and space / time, but he did not rely on his creation. A renowned astrophysicist Hugh Ross says:

If the time has the same beginning to the universe, as the theorem-space, then the cause of the universe must have a form that works in a time dimension completely independent of, and has been there before, the dimensions of the cosmos. This conclusion is very important for our understanding of who God is, and who or what is not God. It teaches that God is not the universe itself, and God is not in it

Substance and space / time created by the Creator, that He is separated from the idea. The Creator is God, He is King in heaven and on earth.

God told the scientific evidence is in His Book that He sent down to us human beings fourteen centuries ago to show his presence.

The perfection of the Universe

"Who created the seven heavens in layers. You never saw the creation of God, Most Gracious, something that is not balanced. Then look again and again, there you see something that is not balanced? Then again, look at your vision will surely come back to you with disabilities and did not find anything else in sight was terrible situation. " (Surat al-Mulk: 3-4)

In the universe, billions of stars and galaxies are countless moving in separate orbits. However, all are in harmony. Stars, planets and the moon on its axis and in each of the systems they occupy respectively. Sometimes galaxies comprising 200-300 billion stars move through each other. During the transitional period in some very famous examples observed by astronomers, not a crash that caused chaos on the order of the universe.

In the whole universe, the magnitude of the speed of the heavenly bodies is very difficult to understand when compared to standard earth. Distances in space are enormous when compared with measurements made on earth. With a giant size can only be described in numbers only by mathematicians, stars and planets billions or trillions of tons of mass, galaxies, and clusters of galaxies moving in space at very high speeds.

For example, the earth rotates on its axis with an average speed of 1,670 km / h. Given that the bullet had the fastest average speed of 1,800 km / h, it is clear that the earth is moving very fast despite its size is very large.

Orbital speed of earth around the sun roughly six times faster than a bullet, which is 108,000 km / h. (If we are able to make a vehicle that can move this fast, this vehicle can orbit the earth in 22 minutes.)

However, these new figures on the earth. The solar system is even more amazing. Speed ​​of the solar system beyond the limits reached a level of human logic. In the universe, increasing the size of a solar system is followed by increased speed. The solar system is circulating around the galactic center with 720,000 km / h. Velocity of the Milky Way itself, which consists of 200 billion stars, is 950,000 km / hour in space.

Remarkable speed shows that our lives are at stake. Typically, in a very complicated system, major accidents are very frequent. However, as revealed by God in the paragraph above, this system does not have a "disability" or "unbalanced". Universe, as well as everything in it, not allowed to "own" and the system is working according to the balance that has been ordained by God.

"He is the Creator of heaven and earth. How can He have children when He has no wife. He created all things and He knows everything. (Which has the properties of a) Such is Allah, your Lord there is no God but Him, the Creator all things, so worship Him, and He is responsible for everything. He can not be achieved by eye sight, was he able to see all the visible, and He is the Subtle, the Knower. thy Lord hath come from the light of the evidence; then the person who sees (the truth), then (benefits) for himself, and whoever blind (do not see the truth), then back to her evil. " (Surah AlAn'am: 101-104)

Orbit and rotating Universe

One of the main reasons that result in the balance in the universe, no doubt, is the circulation of celestial bodies in accordance with a specific orbit or trajectory. Although only discovered recently, it has been in orbit in the Qur'an:

"It is He who created night and day, sun and moon. Each of them was circulated in an orbit." (Surat al-Anbiya: 33)

Stars, planets and the moon rotates on its axis and in the system, and the larger universe works on a regular basis like the gears of a machine. Solar system and our galaxy is also moving around the center of each. Each year the earth and the solar system moves 500 million kilometers away from its previous position. Once calculated, note that when the celestial bodies deviate very little from its orbit, it will cause the collapse of the system. For example, let us see what will happen when the Earth's orbit deviated 3 mm larger or smaller than they should.

"While rotating around the sun, the earth follows the orbit of the misaligned by 2.8 mm from the correct trajectory every 29 km. Orbit the earth never changes followed as the deviation of 3 mm will cause great destruction. Suppose orbit deviation is 2.5 mm , and not 2.8 mm, the Earth's orbit will be very wide and we would all freeze. Suppose orbit deviation is 3.1 mm, we will burn and die. " (Bilim ve Engineering, July 1983)


Is 150 million km from Earth, the sun provides the energy we need on an ongoing basis.

On a celestial body that this enormous energy, the hydrogen atom are constantly changing into helium. Every second 616 billion tons of hydrogen is changed to 612 billion tons of helium. For a second, the energy generated is proportional to the atomic bomb explosion 500 million.

Life on earth is made possible by the energy from the sun. Balance that remained on earth and 99% of the energy needed for life is provided by the sun. Half of this energy is visible light and shape, while the rest is in the form of ultraviolet light, invisible, and the form of heat.

Other properties of the sun is like a bell expands periodically. This is repeated every five minutes and the sun's surface moves closer and 3 km away from Earth at 1080 km / h.

The sun is just one of 200 million stars in the Milky Way. Although the 325 599 times larger than the earth, the sun is one of the small stars that are in the universe. The sun is 30,000 light-years from the center of the Milky Way, 125 000 light years in diameter. (1 light year = 9,460,800,000,000 miles.)

Solar Journey

"And the sun runs in the circulation. Thus the decree of the Almighty, the Knowing." (Surah Yasin: 38)

Based on the calculations of astronomers, due to the activity of our galaxy, the sun goes with a speed of 720,000 km / h toward the Solar Apex, somewhere in the area of ​​sky near the star Vega. (This means that the sun moves so far about 720.000x24 = 17.28 million km per day, as well as the earth that depend on it.)

Seven Layer sky

"It is Allah Who created the seven heavens and the earth that way." (Surah Ath-THALAQ: 12)

In the Qur'an Allah mentions seven heavens or the sky. When examined, it turns out the Earth's atmosphere is made up of seven layers. In the atmosphere there is a field that separates the layers of the coating. Based on the Encyclopedia Americana (9/188), the following layers are stacked, depending on temperature.

The first layer of the troposphere: This layer reaches a thickness of 8 km at the poles and 17 km at the equator, and contains large amounts of cloud. Each kilometer temperature drop of 6.5 C, depending on altitude. On one part, called the tropopause, which is crossed by a fast-moving air currents, temperature remains constant at -57 C.

STRATOSPHERE second layer: This layer reaches a height of 50 km. Here, ultraviolet rays are absorbed, so that heat is released and the temperature reached 0 C. During this absorption, which formed the ozone layer important for life.

MESOSPHERE third layer: This layer reaches a height of 85 km. Here the temperature down to -100 C.

THERMOSPHERE fourth layer: the temperature increase is slower

IONOSPHERE The fifth layer: This layer of gas in the form of ions. Communication on earth became possible because radio waves are reflected back by the ionosphere.

The sixth layer EXOSPHERE: Due to be between 500 and 1000 km, the characteristics of this layer changes according to solar activity.

Seventh layer of the magnetosphere: Here lies the earth's magnetic field. His appearance was like a big empty field. Energy of charged subatomic particles suspended in a region called the Van Allen radiation belts.

Mount Preventing Earthquake

"He created the heavens without any pillars that you see it and he put down the mountains (the surface) of the earth so that earth does not shake you, and propagate it all kinds of animals." (Surah Luqman: 10)

"Have We not made the earth as an expanse and the mountains as pegs?" (Surat an-Naba: 7)

Information obtained through research on the geology of the mountain is in accordance with the Quran. One of nature's most significant mountain is the appearance at the meeting point of the plates of the earth, which when pressed together close to each other, and the mountain is "binding" these plates. By nature, the mountains can be lumped together as wooden nails.

In addition, the pressure of the mountains on the earth's crust apparently prevented the influence of magma in the Earth's center of activity from reaching the earth's surface, thus preventing the magma destroying the earth's crust.

Sea Water Not Each Other Mixed

"He let the two seas, converging together, the two have not exceeded the limits of each." (Surat ar-Rahman :19-20)

In the above verse is emphasized that the two bodies of water meet, but not mixed with each other due to the limit. How did this happen? Typically, when water from the two oceans meet, the water is believed to be mixed together with the temperature and salt concentrations tend to be balanced. However, the reality of the matter is different from that expected. For example, although the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean and the Red Sea and Indian Ocean meet each other physically, the water is not mixed with each other. This is because in between there are limits. This limit is the force called "surface tension".

Two Codes In Iron

Iron is one of the four most abundant elements on earth. For centuries the metallic iron is one of the most important for mankind. Paragraph with respect to iron are as follows:

"... And We have created an iron that her great strength and range of benefits for humans." (Surat al-Hadid: 25)

This clause involves two very interesting mathematical codes.

"Al Hadid" (iron) is the 57th letter in the Qur'an. Numerical value (in the system "Alphabet" Arabic, each letter has a numerical value) the letters of the word "Al-Hadid" equal to 57, namely the iron mass numbers.

Numerical value (Alphabetical) of the word "Hadid" (iron) alone, without the addition of "al", number 26, which is the atomic number of iron.


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