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Worst impact of Capitalism

Worst impact of Capitalism

Worst impact of Capitalism
System of capitalism is increasingly common and widely used, generally in the long eras of this system is adopted in the liberal state (west) are oriented in the United States. Over time the system of capitalism sweeping the country - the developing world, to the increasingly widespread in our country.

Theme has been much discussion of capitalism, as more anti-capitalism movement, but as most media owners are the capitalists, the bad results of capitalism itself be covered.
This list may not include all of the effects of workers' capitalism, nor does it suggest an alternative flow, but this list contains about 10 losses due to capitalism, which is often covered up, and even ignored by the media and the government (as most

10. The inequality is not
Capitalism is the common mantra "anyone can become rich if they work hard" is often a mistake in the application. There are so many positions at the top.
However, in order to make money the first times someone else must be dropped. But this means that rich people can not exist without the poor.
Any way you look, there will never be equality under capitalism.

9. Waste
In a society where resources are not evenly distributed, and the rich will always be able to control more resources. While occasionally the rich to give to the poor in charity events published. There are a lot of wasted from the rich, because they got more than its needs, while the poor still lack

8. Hunger
Of course, if one has excess then the other will be short, in fact there are so many food and enough to feed the entire population of the world, capitalism is only one of the causes of uneven distribution.

7. Anti-Social
Under the capitalist system, the profit motive is much larger than altruism. If people are worried about what's in their own pockets, they will avoid helping others since they concentrate to feed / take care of themselves.
people - people will think to themselves priority over the needs of the community, because they think if they were short, society will not help them

6. Hazard
Often a company to cut healthcare costs, and reduce safety facilities and equipment to work to cut production costs, and also often labor - unskilled workers are placed in specific areas that have a high degree of risk to save the company.
It is a frequent cause of fatal accidents which often lead to death

5. Not Democratic
If in a democracy, one person has one vote, this does not happen in capitalism ..
Small voice of the people by the number of lots, public opinion and even the nation's ideology is not so influential to our government today. The government will listen more than entrepreneurs who have great business that has funded their campaigns.
Or even the government will embrace and act sweet - sweet fun with a large television or newspapers, because the sweet news of this medium that will influence public opinion and even hypnotic ..

Should not be difficult to convince people to not suicide but this is what companies are doing because they refuse to take steps for preservation of the environment will reduce their profit margins. Does not matter to them that in the long run, we're all going to die, and in the short term they will have more money and more.

3. War
Many wars fought in recent years has been more than profits. In Iraq, the war largely funded by oil barons and the private companies that handle most of the security after the initial invasion.
In Libya, western forces intervened when the civil war led to the oil supply to be cut. They sided with the rebels simply because they think they are the most likely to win.
In Iran, military intervention is being threatened for blocking trade routes for transporting oil.

2. Dictatorship
We certainly will not defend the dictatorship in our government, but why do we worship the dictatorship in the workplace?
CEOs are paid huge salaries and bonuses as a reward for them, while they pay their workers minimum wage.
The bosses do not do the job, they do not produce goods that we consume, and they only have the means of production. Many workers who do all that and they remain in control bawh stronger than the audience of the maximum profit ..

1. Propaganda
You can not escape capitalism, capitalism exist everywhere. In any billboards, TV commercials, internet, you will continue to see people - people tell you to buy something
When this is done by a dictatorial government that we call it propaganda, when companies do that, it's called advertising. .
but two things are actually a covert brainwashing
Worst impact of Capitalism
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