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Learn On, 3 War intelligent strategy from China

Learn On, 3 War intelligent strategy from China
Learn On, 3 War intelligent strategy from China
China has a long history in the event of war between its government. So many brilliant people who became adviser to the war or should complain of the general strategy to win a war.
Among the most famous of Sun Tsu, Sun Bing, Qin Shi Huang, Liu Bang, Cao-Cao, Zhuge Liang, etc..
Well writing this time we will only discuss three world old Chinese war strategy was developed and practiced in this modern era. Why only three?
Because there are thousands or perhaps hundreds of thousands of their war strategy applied first time that we would not discuss one by one. Well whatever the strategy of war? Let us discuss one by one.

1. To conquer the world I do not need to have a thousand teams, but I only need one of the most beautiful girls in the state. (Sun Tzu)

In the ancient time in China as a concubine to the Emperor could have reached 200 people. For those who have a beautiful daughter can ask the Emperor to the persunting as a concubine.
Well, if we have a beautiful daughter but also the most beautiful in the state would then automatically be used as concubine by the Emperor. And to be the most beautiful of all the concubine of the Emperor it will definitely have a favorite concubine of the Emperor that all demand will be met by the Emperor. So with so we can order the government, through the children.
So the essence of the art of war is the attraction exploit women or in China known as the strategy of "toil BEAUTIFUL WOMEN"
How is this practiced in the modern era?
This theory is well developed in the areas of marketing and politics. We can see how the efforts of women as Sales Promotion Girls to attract buyers or visitors of an event and how energy is used as Lady Escourt women who work to make the client use the lobby to win a tender.
Apart from that we also hear the women used to destroy the career of a person to use their services as a manufacturer scandal to the business or political opponents.
2. After arriving in most parts of the ship and throw the enemy grilled food preparation. (Xiang Yu)

When a ruthless general named Xiang Yu would like to force his men fought desperately till the last drop of blood itempuh d way is to threaten the survival of the army to set fire to the ship for their return and remove all food supplies for them.
So if they want to live the only way is win the war. Because if they can win the war means that they can take all the necessities that they need from the defeated enemy.
In the modern era this strategy practiced in the areas of trade, or more precisely in the field of Labor.
How the entrepreneur or the enterprise is to provide a small salary from hand to mouth to the professionals so that they can not meet the needs of new life and can meet the need for them if they reach a specified target enterprise with a bonus consideration of target performance.
So with wages from hand to mouth, or even less, then even without being asked their officials will strain every nerve to achieve a specified target in order to receive the promised bonus for enterprises to meet their daily needs.
3. The most peaceful place is the most dangerous. (Sam Kok)
The meaning is, during a theft at the palace the emperor then the safest place to hide is in the palace itself. Why? Because the habit of stealing in the palace of the emperor would have run away with wearing terbirit diarrhea strike a million steps.
Because if people know about the law of theft would direct train or tortured to death. But even still in the palace shouting thief and participated in the search for the thief, then certainly no one would think that he was guilty of theft because people will not have the nyali like that.
In today's war strategy is even more often we find in Indonesia. The office or authority of the owner who commits corruption will first yell thief to others and act as if to wipe out corruption so that people thought to be clean from corruption.
People would have turned to people who are screaming from the pretense of his net even people will support it on its combat corruption though she is the mother of corruption.
In writing the above we can see that the ancient Chinese war strategy that had renovated in such a way that can be used in this modern century. But that is a pity they use it for negative interests and needs.
Learn On, 3 War intelligent strategy from China


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