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Zhang Da, The Story of a Child The epitome of Chinese Affairs

Zhang Da, The Story of a Child The epitome of Chinese Affairs

Zhang Da, The Story of a Child The epitome of Chinese Affairs
A child in China on January 27, 2006 received high honors from the government for allegedly had committed "Extraordinary Actions". Among the nine people winning the award, he was the only child who was elected from the 1.4 billion population of China.
What makes it turned out to be remarkable is the attention and devotion to his father, always working hard and never give up, as well as the behavior and words that cause a sense of sympathy.
Since he was 10 years old (in 2001) the child is abandoned by his mother who can not stand it no longer live with her husband who was seriously ill and poor. And since that day Zhang Da live with a father who can not work, can not walk, and sickly.

These conditions force a snot-nosed kid who was not even 10 years to take a very heavy responsibility. He must be the school, he must find food for his father and himself, he must also think drugs are definitely not cheap for him. In conditions like these the extraordinary story of Zhang Da begins.
He was too young to assume the responsibilities that hard and bitter. He is one of the many children who have received the bitter reality of life in this world. But that makes it different from Zhang Da is that he did not give up.
Life must go on, but not to commit a crime, but continue to take responsibility for himself and his father. Similarly, Zhang Da expression when faced with government representatives who want to know what he did.
He began a new chapter in his life by continuing to attend school. From home to school must walk through a small forest. On the way to and from school was, he began to eat leaves, seeds and fruits that he found.

Sometimes he finds a kind of mold, or grass, and he tried to eat it. Of trying to eat it all, he knows which ones can still eat the tongue and which he could not eat.
After school hours during the day and evening, he joined the masons to split some large boulders and earn wages from the job. The work as a mason he used to buy rice and medicine for his father.
This life he lived for 5 years but his body remains healthy, fresh and strong. Zhang Da caring for a sick father at the age of 10 years, he started the responsibility to care for her father.
He carried his father to the toilet, he wiped and washed once in a while his father, he bought the rice and make a slurry, and all the affairs of his father, all he's done with a sense of responsibility and love. All this work is a daily responsibility.
Zhang Da injecting his own father. Drugs are expensive and distant places to Zhang Da treating think to find the best way to overcome all this. Since the age of ten years he began to learn about drugs through a used book he bought.
What makes it remarkable is that he learned how a nurse gave the injection / injection to the patient. Once he felt able, he determined to inject his own father. Now that his father had done the work injected for about five years, then Zhang Da is an expert skilled and inject.
When the eyes of officials, businessmen, artists and famous people who attended the award conferment ceremony is being drawn to Zhang Da, master of ceremonies asked him,
"Zhang Da, call it what you want, a school where, and what you have longed to happen in your life? How much money you need until you finish college?
Grow up going to college where, you name it. Anyway what do you call it desire, here there are a lot of officials, businessmen and famous people in attendance.
Currently there are also hundreds of millions of people who are looking at you through the television screen, they can help you! "
Zhang Da was silent and not answer anything. MC also said again to him, "You name it, they can help you."
Zhang Da are still a few minutes silence, and then in a trembling voice he replied,
"I want mommy back. Mama returned home, I can help Dad, I can get something to eat alone, Mama come back! "
All present were spontaneously shed tears with emotion. No one thought of what comes out of his mouth. Why did he not ask the ease for the treatment of his father, why he did not ask for deposits is sufficient to relieve a little food for her life and her future?
Why did he not ask for a small house near the hospital? Why did he not ask for a card from the convenience of the government so that when he needed, would all be helped.
Perhaps what he wants, that's the most important for him. I want you to come back, a phrase that may have been buried since the moment she saw her mother and father left.

The above story is not only touching but also cause admiration. A 10-year-old boy can run a heavy responsibility for 5 years. Difficulties of life the child has been forged into a formidable figure of a child and never give up.
Zhang Da arguably rare because it is very different to modern children. Nowadays many children are everything always facilitated by his parents. For reasons of affection, the parents always helped her son, even though the child is able to do so.
Zhang Da, The Story of a Child The epitome of Chinese Affairs
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