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British Education System

British Education System
Secondary Education (Secondary Education) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

British Education System
From Year 7 to 11 (Year 8-12 in Northern Ireland), students are generally aged 12-16 years.
Certain high schools offer education "sixth form department" is not required that the government Year 12 and 13
Having completed Year 10 and 11, students will get a General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) for 5 to 10 different subjects.

British Education System: Secondary education in Scotland

Year 1 to 4, students are generally aged 12/13 year to 15/16 year.
Scotland Qualification Certificate is awarded after successful completion of the program Standard - Grade for 7 to 9 subjects at Secondary 3 and 4.
Available upper secondary education are not required: Secondary 5 and 6 for students aged 16/17 year to 17/18 year.
British Education System: Education for students aged over 16 years (Post-16 Education) in England

British Education System: A-Levels (England, Wales, Northern Ireland)

A-Levels is the most common education for students aged over 16 years. A-Levels aims to prepare students for study at university. Students usually learn 3 or 4 subjects related to university departments that will be taken.

Year 12 and 13, commonly called the Sixth Form, typically for students aged 16/17 year to 17/18 year.
A-Levels can be learned in high school, sixth form college or further education school.
British Education System: Highers (Scotland)

After completing Secondary 4, students generally take courses Highers, Scottish Qualifications Certificate offered by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. Highers are qualifications for admission to the university and offered in a variety of subjects. Although students are usually able to get into university after Secondary 5, the majority of students still go on to Secondary 6 to take more courses Highers or Advanced Highers continued until stage.

Secondary 5 and 6, typically for students aged 16/17 year to 17/18 year.
Highers are held in high school.
Students had to pass Standard Grade exams
British Education System: Higher Education in England

British Education System: S1 degree (England, Wales, Northern Ireland)

British Education System
Students apply for admission to the university through the University and College Admissions Service (UCAS), the government agency that regulates all university applications. Students can make application to the five universities of their choice. S1 majoring in a variety of programs available.

The duration of S1 generally is 3 years.
One of the admission requirement is an A-Level students.
S1 degree types such as Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BSc) and other
S1 degree program specified a duration of 4 years which includes one year of practical work or what is often called a "sandwich year".
Students who come from countries with education systems less than 13 years generally have to follow the Foundation certificate program for 1 year before the start of S1.

Prepare your S1 degree in English along with the following Qvae International Foundation Certificate program.

British Education System: S1 degree (Scotland)

S1 majoring in a variety of programs offered at Scottish universities, which are more focused on general subjects and students do not study subjects specific to the department until the year-3.

The duration of S1 is a 4-year program.
One of the admission requirement is the value obtained Highers students.
Students can take the program of work practice (sandwich course), a year studying or working abroad before the program is completed.
Traditionally, Scottish universities provide a Master of Arts (MA) degree equivalent to S1
An Honours degree is awarded after doing additional research for 1 year at university.
British Education System: S2 title

S2 degree in English can be a program of research (research-based course), a program of coursework (taught course) or a combination of both.

Students should already have S1 degree.
Program length is generally 1 year.
S2 which is a qualification program course taught included: Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MSc) and Master of Business Administration (MBA).
S2 qualifying research programs include: Master of Research (MRes), Master of Philosophy (MPhil).
The key to success for you to finish the program has succeeded in S2 are preparing themselves well to follow the Pre-MBA program and the Pre-Master Kaplan.

British Education System: S3 title

Students who take the S3's degree program must conduct original research.

Students already have a degree S1 or S2.
Duration of the program is a minimum of 3 years.
Usually students do research or make a thesis project.
Types of degrees: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD or DPhil)
British Education System: International Students

International students who come from countries where English is not the language of instruction must prove their English language skills. Most universities in the UK use of IELTS as a condition of acceptance of students with a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 + to program IELTS 6.5 + S1 and S2 for the program.

International students should also check whether their qualifications meet the entrance requirements of British universities. UK NARIC provides information on international qualifications. International Foundation Certificate program is available for students who do not meet the required qualifications.

International students may also be required to take Pre-master's program if English, study skills and qualifications they do not meet the entry requirements S2 program.

If your goal is to get a degree from a British university, the University Placement Service (UPS) Kaplan will help you. We have a network of university and college partners and we have very extensive experience in guiding students to be accepted at the university they want.

For more information, please visit the British Council website, UCAS, UKCISA, Qualifications and Curriculum Authority and the UK NARIC.

For more information on education in Scotland, please visit the SQA website, Scottish Government Education and Training, and the British Council.
British Education System

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