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Study Tour: Al Azhar University, as one of the Oldest Universities in the World.

Study Tour: Al Azhar University, as one of the Oldest Universities in the World.

Study Tour: Al Azhar University,
on a study tour this time we will visit Al Azhar university. Here we will discuss a little about al azhar university, of history, Admission Procedure, Faculty at al azhar university, college courses, masters and doctoral programs.
Hopefully a little picture of al azhar university could be useful for you.

The following glimpse of al azhar university:

Brief History
The origins of Al Azhar is a mosque that was built by Al Shaqali Jauhar, a warlord in the Fatimids Dynasty, Jumada al-Ula, on 24 359 H (970 M). Along with the times, Al Azhar mosque is a place propaganda increasingly larger, so that it becomes an educational institution. Such a condition persists into the mid 21st century. So long as it is also a form of Al Azhar mosque has a double function: as a mosque and Islamic center, and as an educational institution. Both of these factors make the Al Azhar has always continued to do updates that are sustainable.
Study Tour: Al Azhar University,
Updates that have been made very evident by Sheikh Muhammad Abduh while still in control of Al Azhar. Update is intended to emphasize the function of Al Azhar as the center of refining the understanding of Islamic teachings and are expected to print a cadre of powerful preachers. Formed in the body of Al Azhar several levels, from primary to college level. Also opens the faculties common to all systems between boys and girls separately.
Increasingly, Al Azhar grow bigger. So it is not just centered in the capital, Cairo, but almost complete in every province in Egypt opened a branch of Al Azhar.
Greatness is more pronounced again, knowing that Al Azhar is a very social social institutions. Al Azhar, do not draw a penny from student tuition. He even opened the scholarship application each year. Also continue to hold the construction, and opening new branches in these areas.

Registration Procedure
In order to prepare a more mature, not in a hurry, prospective students should already be in Cairo later than mid-September. Because registration is closed at the end of September. The main requirement of the original diploma is younger than 3 years after the certificate was issued, have been certified by the school and by Deparemen Religion in the region. Both legalization is very important because without the legalization, the Embassy will not give its formalization. Then the diploma will be translated in Cairo in accordance with the text specified by the Embassy in Cairo. After the embassy gave its formalization, then notarized certificate requested to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt in Cairo.
Study Tour: Al Azhar University,
For those who already mu'adalah diploma (equivalent / recognized) by Al Azhar, the next process is to ask mu'adalah statement (equation) to the registration office (muraqabatu al Bu'uts al Islamiyah). As for certificates that have not been identified (mu'adalah) to enter the Al Azhar must pass "entrance exam". The highest they will be accepted in class 3 tsanawiyah (2 years prior to college). Other terms are the original birth certificate, a certificate of good behavior from the Embassy in Cairo, covering letter (recommendations) of the Embassy, ​​at least 6 sheets of photographs. The terms shall be filed together with the original certificate and registration form. The next step is to buy a registration form at idarat al wafidin (an office that provides application form for foreigners). Once the form is filled out, then be prepared to enter the registration form to the committee leveling. Once the form is received, finished the registration process and we are just waiting for our names down on each campus faculty we choose.

The faculties
Al Azhar currently has 41 faculty. 19 faculty located in Cairo, and the rest scattered in various provinces. There is little difference between the faculty and the faculty of Al-Azhar Al-Azhar's son's daughter. Faculty of Al Azhar's son consists of:
Ushuluddin faculty, with 4 majors; interpretation and science Quran, hadith and hadith sciences, faith and conviction and philosophy, and preaching and Islamic civilization.
Faculty of Shari'ah. At S1, the faculty has two departments: Shariah Islamiyah, the shari'a and common law. S2 being on the program there are 4 majors; usul fiqh, comparison mazdhab, politics and jurisprudence legislation generally.

Faculty of Da'wa. At this faculty, new majors have the S2 program, which is a two majors; comparative religion and Islamic culture.
Faculty of Arabic with three majors: Arabic language and literature, history and culture, and juranalistik.
Faculty of Languages ​​and Translation
Faculty of Commerce and Economic
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Natural Sciences must
Faculty of Agriculture.
Were the faculties of Al Azhar Princess consists of:
Faculty Ushulidin
Faculty of Shariah
Faculty of Arabic Language
Fakulatas Social Studies
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Natural Sciences must
Faculty of Commerce

For general faculties, for foreigners who do not receive a scholarship are required to pay tuition (for being able to), otherwise the scholarship exempt from tuition fees.

Academy Program
At each faculty at Al Azhar, there are 3 programs; S1, S2, and S3. S1 with 4-year study period, except on the faculty of Sharia and Common Law which has a 5-year study period. Graduates of this program holds a Licence (Lc). Other provisions in this program, to be up to the next level students must pass in each course or a maximum of two courses are left behind.
In addition, for foreign students (in addition to Arab countries) are required to memorize two chapters of the Qur'an, and 7.5 volumes of students who come from Arab countries for each level. So until the four non-Arab students have mastered the 8 chapters and 30 chapters for students of Arab origin. Trials carried out 2 times a year (the semester system). Half of the subjects in the first half, and the remainder in the second half. If there is one that failed in the first half it will be repeated in the second half. Opportunity to repeat in one level only given a maximum of 3 years. If that fails also had to be removed.

Master Program (S2)
The school term in this program just two years, plus two more years to write a treatise (thesis) to achieve an MA (Master of Art). Requirements to enter this program should memorize 8 Juz of Al Quran to non-Arab students, and 30 chapters for students of Arab origin.
To be able to go up to level two, must pass all subjects. Exams are held in two waves. If there is one that failed in the first wave it will be repeated on the second wave. Together with the license program (S1), the S2 is a chance to repeat the program in a given maximum level of 3 years. Can be carried out writing a new treatise after treatise framework submitted to the supervisor and been accepted.

Doctoral Program (S3)
In this program there is no longer the school term. So immediately wrote a dissertation for my doctorate. The theme of the dissertation must also obtain approval from the supervisor.
Study Tour: Al Azhar University, as one of the Oldest Universities in the World.


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