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Read but not understand


Have you ever studied a textbook and, after reading it sentence by sentence, you're still not understand? There are two possible causes. The first, perhaps the author of the book's contents are less able to present his thoughts in writing an orderly sequence, logical and easily understood by readers. The second, your mind drifting nowhere when read alias is not concentrated on what you read. For the first cause, the fault is not on you and you could hardly do anything to fix it. That task is the author of the book. For the cause of the two, the problem is with you and you can fix it. Maybe the way you read the text book is the same as you are reading a story or novel, relax and enjoy the way the story is.
Textbook reading without concentration is a waste of time and should, wherever possible, do not do it. Writing a textbook is different from a story book. Daro different story books or novels that aim to tell you something, usually by playing the emotions of readers, textbooks are usually academic in nature and aims to provide information to the reader. If you read the text with ease, the information provided textbook will only go away, do not enter into your mind because you do not associate with your understanding or your previous knowledge, a result, you can not understand what the author has to say to You.

Concentration of Secrets
To obtain maximum results, the concentration is very necessary in doing something. Many books that teach how to improve concentration, for example by means of meditation and so forth. However, based on experience, there are simple techniques that can improve concentration, especially in learning or reading a book. Concentrations secret lies in the ability to generate interest in what you read, study, or work on. If you are interested in reading, learning, what is something you do, God willing, you will be able to concentrate your attention on what you read, study, or work on. Readings or lessons that you will easily understand.
Potential interest in the way of what we read
So how to generate interest in the books we have read or lessons should we learn? Is not it boring most of the textbook and as a sleeping pill, once opened make sleepy eyes? Indeed, the textbook at school or college it was boring and uninteresting to most students / students. They had read the book because it is required by teachers or lecturers, not because they are interested in or want to know the contents of the book. In the theory of psychology, motivation is called extrinsic or external motivation. That is, the motivation that comes from outside the student / students. His opponent is the intrinsic motivation or internal motivation, that motivation comes from within the student / students themselves. Intrinsic motivation is, of course, is more powerful than extrinsic motivation,
In addition, textbooks generally contain information, not the story (except, perhaps, the history text books) so that makes it boring. But the information would be interesting if you could find an interesting concept or something related to that information. For example, you do not like lessons / courses sosiolgi and you had to learn it because of the lessons / courses are there in the curriculum. Rather than 'suffer' like that, you better try to find a concept or something interesting in the lesson / course or book that sociology. Yet, somehow, like it or not, you should learn it too.
So, if you want to make your learning hours of fun, try to find a concept or something interesting in what you have learned it. That is, you try to change your extrinsic motivation to intrinsic motivation. You change your position from a study it had to learn it because you want to know how exactly. Do not accept at face value what the author of the book. Doubt, ask about the truth of that information and find out the answer, in the book or in the (book) another. Insha Allah, that way, your learning will be fun.
Some tips to learn
Here are some tips to make it easier to understand and remember the lesson or the content of the book you are studying.
Keep a separate notebook for each class / course you are studying.
Every time you sit down to learn a lesson / course, do not forget to set your notebook and pen (at least 2 different colors).
For each paragraph that you read from the book, make questions about the contents of that paragraph, as if you are a teacher / lecturer who will test the understanding of the student / students about the paragraph. This will force you to concentrate on the problem.
Write down the question and answer with one color with another color. Write your answer based on your understanding of the current paragraph, with your own words. Do not just rewrite the words of the book.
The more difficult question that you make, the better you concentrate and the longer you will remember what you have learned from these paragraphs.
The most important thing is this: READ REVIEW your notes. It may only take 5 minutes for every hour that you use in making a question and answer it. If you do not want to reread your notes, then your efforts to make a record that will be wasted. Every time you reread your notes, the benefits are at least 10 times from the time you have used to read those notes.
Work sample problems and exercises. You will be amazed to see that you are able to complete most of the questions.
Some tips on re-reading
Write down all you want to learn again in an hour of learning.
Set the time that you can provide for any topic you want to learn again.
Open up your notebook but do not just read all that you have written on it because your mind will soon float where = where, daydreaming, and so forth.
Just read the question. Cover the answer. Try to remember the answers you have written. Check that your memory.
If you can think of some questions and new answers, add it into your notes.
When you reread your notebook?
Every night, before bed, read over all that you have written in the book that day.
Every weekend, re-read all that you have written in that week.
Before the exam, read over all that is needed for the test.
If you really have to follow the suggestions above, God willing you will succeed in your learning. You have prepared your success and, before exams, when students / other students busy 'speeding learning', you'll just reread your notebook. You will feel that success is fun.


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