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Qvae: the most powerful way to relieve stress

Qvae: the most powerful way to relieve stress

Qvae: the most powerful way to relieve stress
Almost anyone can be affected by stress or feeling depressed. The causes can vary: for the exam, face-finished thesis is not completed, parents scolded, nagged nagging girlfriend who does, economic hardship, and so on. Consequently also vary, ranging from mild like moping up to heavy as wanting to commit suicide by climbing mobile phone transmitter mast.

Signs of stress can include increased blood pressure, loss or increase in appetite, headache, insomnia, or feel like getting out of bed. People who feel stress often run to the liquor or drugs. Feelings of anxiety, frustration, or apathy may accompany stress.
 If you feel stress affect your learning,
Then the first option is to seek help through counseling education center where you learn.

What can you do to cope with your stress? How is the strategy? Here are some of them:

 1. When you feel stressed, stop and take a deep breath in deeply, Convince yourself that you can control your life. If others can, you certainly can too!
2. Learn the best way to calm yourself. Meditation and breathing exercises have been proven to be highly effective in controlling stress. Practice to clear your mind of thoughts-thoughts that interfere.
3. Get out of situations that create stress. Give me a break to yourself every day, even for a moment.
4. Set realistic goals for yourself. Reduce the number of activities so that you can reduce the excess burden of your life
5. Do not fuss about small things. Mempriotaskan try a few things that really matter and let selbeihnya run by itself.
6. Do not add to your stress by ranting about how much weight and your workload. Complete each task one by one, or selectively resolve the issue on a priority basis
7. Selectively change the way you react, but not too much every time. Focus on one thing that bothers and arrange your reaction to it (be it a person or task)
Change the way you see things. Learn to recognize stress as it is and make it self-organize stress
8. Avoid extreme reactions. Why hate when a little dislike is enough? Why should anxiety / worry too much if you could just anxious or nervous? Why rage when anger is enough? Why be depressed when you can just sad?
9. Do something for others to help eliminate the things that disturb your mind
Sleep enough. Lack of rest will only add stress
Dispose of stress with physical activity such as exercising, fishing, gardening, etc..
Avoid the use of medications without your doctor's instructions or drinking liquor. Alcohol and drugs can conceal stress. But alcohol and drugs may not help solve the problem.
Try to "use" stress. If you can not fight what's bothering you and you can not escape from it, flowed to him and try to use it productively
Try to be positive. Convince yourself that you will be able to deal with it properly and would not imagine how bad it was.
10. Restore everything to God. Submit all matters to Him. God said "Whosoever devoted to God, He will give him a way out."
Qvae: the most powerful way to relieve stress

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