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Qvae: Tips Overcoming Anxiety Facing Trials

Qvae: Tips Overcoming Anxiety Facing Trials

Qvae: Tips Overcoming Anxiety Facing Trials
Emergency testing is excessive anxiety when facing tests. Feeling a little anxious when faced with actual tests are normal. Even some sense of anxiety can motivate your learning and keep you motivated. However, excessive anxiety can interfere with your learning. You may be hard to learn and remember lecture material that will be tested. In addition, excessive anxiety may also inhibit your performance in the tests. You can be difficult to show what you know in the test.

 How do you know if your excessive anxiety?
You may have excessive anxiety if you answered YES to four or more of the following questions:
I find it hard to start studying for the test.
While studying for the test, I found many things that distract me.
I find it will get ugly in the value of the test, no matter how hard I study.
While following the test, I feel physically unwell: I feel my hands sweating, abdominal pain, dizziness, difficult breathing, and muscles feel tense.
When performing the test, I find it hard to understand instructions and questionable.
When performing tests, I secret arrange my mind.
When performing the test question, I often feel "empty mind."
When performing the test, I felt my mind drifting to other things.
I usually get the more ugly in my test of the value of the task and journals.
After testing is complete, I can not remember the information that I can not remember when doing the exams test.

How to cope with emergency test?
 Here are some things you can do before, during, and after tests to reduce emergency tests.
Use the techniques learned to get the better of lecture material that will be tested cognitive. Mastering the knowledge will help you approach the test with a newfound confidence, and not excessive anxiety. Develop good study habits.
Keep a positive attitude while you learn. Think success, not failure. Regard the test as an opportunity to show how far you have learned.
Come to the test with the condition of rest and eat well enough. Enough sleep at night by the test. Eat nutritious snacks and before the test. Avoid foods that are less nutritious.
Keep relaxed during the test period. Breathe in the plans and in-in. This can help. Center attention on positive statements like "I can do this."
Follow the study plan you made for the test. Do not panic even if the test is very difficult. Persist with your learning plan.
Do not ignore other students who completed the test earlier than you. Use the time you need to work as soon as possible.
Having completed the tests and submit your answers, pass the test for a while. No longer can you wait for test results to be returned to you. Divert attention and effort on the job and the new test will come.
When the test results to be returned to you, analyze the results to find out where your shortcomings and advantages of the tests. Learn from the offense and your success. Apply this knowledge when you follow the next test.

To succeed in the test, you must control the test material. To be able to show what you have mastered, you need to control your excessive anxiety.
Qvae: Tips Overcoming Anxiety Facing Trials


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