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Qvae: The Importance of Creating an effective learning plan

Qvae: The Importance of Creating an effective learning plan

Qvae: The Importance of Creating an effective learning plan
Many students and students were frustrated with the results of their study. They felt it was well studied but the results remain unsatisfactory. What is wrong? Many factors may be the cause. One of them is because they are not learning very well planned. You want to know the solution? Read on this article.

Without proper planning, anything you do will probably not give the results that you originally wanted. In English there is a saying that says 'Failing to plan is planning to fail' (Failed in making a good plan together to plan a failure). Surely no one is planning a failure, is not it?

Many benefits can be gained from making good planning, among others:

Saves time
Without a plan, you will be a lot of time wasted. You can find it still have a lot of time but suddenly you realize that your time is not much else. Apparently, much remains to be completed. Especially if there is a sudden unexpected event.
Prevent you deviate from the path you should take.
A good study plan has been to determine the activities and the allocation of time provided to complete the activity. With a plan, you'll soon know whether you are working according to plan or deviate from the original plan. The plan can also tell you where there are time that you can use or divert its use.
Utilizing every available hour
A good study plan allows you to utilize every available time. You will not waste my time.

Learning plan contains not only the hours when you have to learn. Study plan should also take into account when you sleep, pray, shower, watch TV, eat, hang out with friends, play sports, attend class, practicum in the lab, and so on. In short, everything deh! Even in her yusun learning plan, you must first put the things that 'must' such as bathing, praying, eating, sleeping, hanging out with that friend. The things you should not leave.

How do I build a good study plan?

Divide the time in one day into 24 blocks, each consisting of one hour (may also be divided into 48 blocks @ 30 minutes).
Enter the activities of 'mandatory' that you should not be left as above. Enter also the obligation when it should be implemented and how much time it takes to execute it.
Look at how much time is left in one day. That time that you can use to learn outside the classroom. If, for example, you see that 24 hours a day had been divided up by the activities of 'compulsory', try to learn again if there are activities that can be moved to another day or less timeframe. If after all the time on that day was no longer be squeezed out, do not worry. There is still another day in the week.
If, after you make a plan or timetable for a week or a month, it is up to your schedule must be filled by the activities that you are really solid and you can not find the time left to learn outside the classroom, then you should question your desire for school again or follow the lectures. School or college you will not give good results if you do not learn because they do not have the time anymore! (In the case of college, maybe you could reduce the number of subjects that you take each semester so that you can have the time to learn.)

When times are good for learning?

The timing of this study is important because it determines your success in learning. The general rule is that learning should be done only when you are in a state of relaxed, relaxed, alert and have a plan for learning. Overnight before speeding learning courses or exams just a waste of time it's useless. The result will not be good.

Studying the lecture material

If you schedule a time to learn it before the lecture, make sure that you read all the material to be discussed at the meeting noted that college is nothing you still do not understand it. Ask it in class the next day. If you schedule a time to learn it after hours of lectures, read over your notes in class when your memory is still fresh about it. Fine-tune your notes, making it easier when you read it again before the exam.

Prepare a presentation in front of the class

Sometimes we are required to give presentations in front of the class, such as the subjects of English or other foreign languages. To deal with this, make sure you schedule time to learn some time before class starts. Use that time to practice. Sometimes the train with another friend can hone your skills before entering the lecture hall.

Do not be afraid to change your study plan

Study plan was actually a plan of how you want to use your time. If it turns out that the plan did not work out, change it. You must understand that your plan is to help you develop good study habits. Once you are able to develop good study habits, then making a plan / schedule it will be easier.
Qvae: The Importance of Creating an effective learning plan


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