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How Tips to beautify themselves

How Tips to beautify themselves
Tips to beautify themselves

1. Eat Nutritious Food
How Tips to beautify themselves
Food you eat also affects the health of hair. Besides for the body, complete nutritional foods will also help your hair healthy. Vegetables and fruits are brilliant for your hair. For example, for your hair loss may increase the consumption of protein in tofu or soy milk. If you want a more fun can be interspersed with the same low-fat cheese, eggs, fish, nuts, or yogurt. Anemia was also affecting hair loss, so choose foods that contain lots of iron such as beef liver, meat, cereals, dates, or raisins.
2. Wash Hair
Wash your hair at least 2X a week is the basis for healthy hair care. If you over-activity, you need to wash your hair more often. But not too often, yes, because the frequency of hair washing can remove the hair's natural moisture. I could have damaged your hair is getting deh. Choosing a shampoo is also an important part of hair washing. Shampoo that contains coconut suitable for dry hair, shampoo containing jojoba can make the hair manageable, while the shampoo containing Lemon trusted to make your hair more shiny. Well, make that want to lengthen or eliminate hair dandruff, can choose a shampoo containing extracts of apple. Oh yes, do not forget to massage lightly massage your head. Touches like this can make the blood circulation in the head more smoothly. The result, you are also so fresh!

3. Hair Vitamins
Do not forget to wear your hair vitamin. The content of the shampoo is usually not sufficient for vitamin for hair so it would not hurt if you add a vitamin or nutrient for hair. Vitamin-shaped fluid-filled pearls and you can dapetin in the nearest supermarket or salon. Confused choose which one? Well, do not be shy to ask yah!

4. Avoid Chemicals
Just because pingin follow the trend, sometimes we do not consider that could affect the use of chemical medicine is not good for hair. Curly drugs, straightener or hair dye almost certainly contain chemicals that can make the hair damaged if not cared for properly. That means, when he decided to wear one of these materials, you must provide the time and extra funds for the treatment of hair such as hair cream bath or spa. That's all let your hair is not damaged by the use of chemical medicine. This kind of care you can consult the hairdresser when you decide to paint or straightening the hair.

5. Hair Care
And spa treatments such as hair cream bath should not dilakuin in the salon. Cream bath at home is also really fun. The trick is easy, go to the nearest supermarket Creambath drug search that fits your needs (for example: for dry hair, oily, or dandruff). User is usually listed on the packs you buy drugs cream bath. Want more fun again? Invite your close friends and play your favorite song. Creambath girl talk with my friend accompanied her favorite music certainly more exciting than in the salon right?

6. Edge Hair Cut
If you intend to lengthen your hair, do not forget to always cut the ends of your hair once a month. Cutting edges can prevent hair branching and are definitely going to be much faster long right?

Keep in mind these tips not only for girls aja know. The boys are the same health care must also match the hair to perform some ritual over the last!

Acne is caused by the blockage 'sebum' a kind of facial oil trapped in hair follicles, resulting in bacterial inflammation. You can address the spread and severity by performing the following preventive measures:
How Tips to beautify themselves
Washing your face twice a day will help remove the oil on the surface of the skin where bacteria are located. Be careful not to wash or scrub your face excessively as this can stimulate the sebaceous oil production and cause more problems on the skin.
Avoid oily cosmetics
After sweating out, or shower, pat dry your skin with a clean towel - almost all of the bacteria as well as bacteria that can cause acne, like a moist and warm conditions.
70% of our skin is water, so make sure you drink a lot, at least a liter a day, to help your skin stay healthy.
Using a moisturizer will help you keep your skin stay healthy so that your skin is dry, chapped or infection.
Tips to lose weight

Weight problems is a very complicated and often questioned by patients who present with obesity. Being overweight is a nightmare for some people, especially for those who are very concerned about the appearance. Obesity will also deplete the person's self confidence that will affect the careers of people are concerned. Here are 15 steps that can be followed to control weight.

1. "Yes I Can!" Keep it in three words yourself as a first step. Despite many temptations come off, you should always remember that you can lose weight then you are on the right track. Make people who have lost weight as a motivator for you to support your temptations come.

2. Breakfast is a must do. Never leave the house in the morning without touching anything to eat food because this will give you enough power for a day of activities. No need breakfast foods heavy in weight, enough bananas, yogurt, cereal, bread and others for snacks that contain plenty of fiber and protein will give you a sense of satiety until it was time for lunch.

3. Take a moment to read the nutritional content in food packaging. Noteworthy here is the calories for this substance is very role in increasing your weight when consumed in excess. Adjust the needs of energy / calories in your day with a note that contained in the package.

4. Do not do diet. For the short term is a diet you will lose weight, but if you stop the diet your weight will increase again. Eat foods that are strange or weird to diet to reduce some types of food will not make your weight down. The important thing is to choose foods that balance nutritional value according to the needs of your body so that calories eaten will be utilized optimally.

5. Always eat regularly. A unique body metabolism will decrease when you are hungry, this is certainly not good for weight loss process. To avoid these two make a daily diet and routine you do every day. Make sure your eating schedule is at least 3 times a day.

6. Increase consumption of fiber. Fiber is very important to keep the body healthy. Fiber we eat day to day work to help lower cholesterol and facilitate emptying of the digestive tract. Fiber can also accelerate the feeling of satiety naturally reduce the amount of food that is not useful. Most of the fibers have a high water content and low calorie foods that fit with what we need to lose weight.

7. Healthy food has always been the top choice. Choose foods that are low in saturated fat. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables. Choose vegetable oils as a source of fat because it contains unsaturated fat in the high portion. Eating foods that contain lots of Omega 3 as fish.

8. Sports. Adjust the sports of your choice with your body condition. One sports a healthy, inexpensive and can be done by everyone is on foot. Walk at least 5 miles a day. Always try to increase the distance you walk. Remember, exercise does not only lose weight but also makes your body more healthy.

9. Avoid eat at night. Snacking at night will destroy your efforts to lose weight because the calories you eat after dinner will be buried in the body. Brush your teeth after dinner helped you to reduce the desire to snack.

10. Consume more protein. Eating foods containing protein in large quantities will make your stomach full for several hours, thereby reducing your need for high calorie foods.

11. Remove bad habits that make you gain weight, and replace them with healthier habits. For example, replace the sugar you use to make coffee with low-calorie sugar, avoid eating fried foods and more.

12. Make the people around you as a motivator. They will help give you encouragement when you have a current saturation with a weight loss program you are doing.

13. Make a note of any developments that occur to you as long as you follow a weight loss program. If you need to compare achievement with the achievement of your friends are doing similar programs. This is both a motivator in achieving your weight loss goals.

14. Drinking enough. Some nutritionists say that drinking enough you will be protected from excessive eating. It is advisable to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.

15. Do you want to lose weight and make the body healthy? To that end, never turn away from your real goal is to lose weight. Remember always to motivate yourself so that your desired destination is reached soon.

Betel leaf decoction to drink, one glass per day / 2 days
Eating basil leaves at least one mobile per day
Apply cucumber slices after every shower in the armpits and other body parts that smell
Do not eat fatty foods, especially meat
Reducing spicy food
Do not drink coffee (with caffeine)
Wear deodorant spray which forms (a form of solid or roll-on just to make armpit wet / damp armpit, leaving marks on clothes anyway).

1. The food we eat every day should be
High carbohydrate such as rice, cassava, maize, cassava, sweet potatoes, etc..

2. Weight gain drinking milk sold
the nearest supermarket.

3. Consumption of fruit is also important to improve
minerals in our body.

4. Eating chili sauce is also supposed to increase appetite,
just try it.

5. Drink water to keep the weight to be
business that we do not become redundant results.

To be a reflection not body fat forever
or contain it healthy as well as less weight.

How Tips to beautify themselves

How Tips to beautify themselves 

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How Tips to beautify themselves

How Tips to beautify themselves


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