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Qvae: Brief education Facial Skin Care correct

Qvae: Brief education Facial Skin Care correct
Face Care, Your face is beginning to show fine wrinkles on the forehead, sun exposure makes the skin of your face flushed like acne scars, sagging skin began to pull down the corner of your eye.

Qvae: Brief education Facial Skin Care correct

Hm ... here it is, the signs of aging. So that your skin will be free from premature aging, improve the way you treat the skin, how to eat, and your lifestyle. Here are tips on Facial Skin Care:

1. Facial Skin Care Tips, Wash your face before bed. Sometimes we are so sleepy and lazy to wash the face. If you sleep with make-up in the face, the actual make-up can make the skin irritated, clogged pores and face covered with dirt. Finally, the skin is prone skin. Wash your face with soap and massage for 10-15 minutes. Clean your face at least 2 times a day. This method can reduce the excess oil on the face, as well as preventing wrinkles and dryness in the face.

2. Facial Skin Care Tips, Protect your face from UV rays. We who live in tropical areas should ideally use a cream with sun protection between SPF 20 and 30. Use every day, if you want to get younger skin. Every 10 minutes, the sun (UVA) can make the face duller, more easily wrinkled, and add black spots within 12 weeks. If you do not reach the facial moisturizer SPF 30, then make sure to use sun block that has a formula of anti-UVA and UVB.

3.  Facial Skin Care Tips,  Control stress. If you are an emotional type, you should control your emotions from now. Because they are not trying to control his emotions tend to have skin look older than 5 years of actual age.

Amy Wechsler, MD, a dermatologist who is also author of The Mind Beauty Connection, says that the anger and an overabundance can increase the hormone cortisol which causes swelling and decreased collagen. Also decreased skin resilience, and redness and pimples on the face. To block the swelling, use foods that contain high antioxidants, such as oranges and asparagus.

4. Facial Skin Care Tips: Use of vitamin A (retinoids). Research shows that vitamin A may increase the growth of collagen, which makes the face remained resilient, growing new skin cells, and eliminate fine lines and dark spots. Use a scrub that contains vitamin A to remove layers of dead skin before bedtime, 3 times a week. See the difference 3 months later.

5. Make a habit of facial skin care routine. Each facial treatment process will not provide instant results. Maximum results can only be seen 6-12 months later. If we use a product regularly, so be sure not to overdo it. The skin can also become resistant to various treatments that are too frequent.

6. Eating a diet rich in omega-3. Omega-3 is a good fat contained in foods such as salmon, seaweed, and nuts. Consumption of foods rich in omega-3 will make the skin supple and toned.

7. Exercise or regular exercise. Various studies suggest that women who have diligently exercising tighter skin than those who seldom exercise. The reason, the exercise will help your skin get a turn of a new oxygen and helps the production of collagen. Do exercise at least 30 minutes per week to get healthy skin and body.
Qvae: Brief education Facial Skin Care correct

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