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Health education qvae: Beauty Tips Eye for all types of eye

Health education qvae: Beauty Tips Eye for all types of eye
Beauty tips, If you are not satisfied with the shape of the eyes you have, do not be discouraged because you can perform the following techniques to the eye still looks beautiful. Beauty tips The following provides guidance for those who want to enhance your appearance conform to the shape of your eyes.
Beauty tips: narrow eyes

Health education qvae: Beauty Tips Eye for all types of eye

Usually owned by people of Chinese descent or oriental. The technique can be used are:
If the eyes narrow and has no folds or eyelids, use scotch tape. The trick is to cut of 2-3 mm, became like a crescent moon shape and glue on top of a faint line of the eyelid. This will form folds or eyelids.
When using eyeliner, do not make the line too long to pass out of the corner of your eye will make the eyes look in line.
Use makeup smoked eyes by using dark-colored eyeshadow like dark brown, dark blue, dark purple, dark green or dark gray.

If you want to use false eyelashes, eyelash avoid a too large and thick as it will look unnatural. Choose a diameter of half lashes or eyelash unit.
Use a thick mascara that gives the impression of big eyes.
Beauty Tips: Great Eye

Eye makeup techniques for large-eyed you are:
The opposite of slanted eyes, you can draw lines using the eyeliner extends up past the corner of the lashes.
Avoid dark colored eyeshadow. Instead, use silver eyeshadow or other bright colors.
Beauty Tips: Eyes marsupial
Health education qvae: Beauty Tips Eye for all types of eye 

The eyes will look puffy, swollen or baggy on the bottom because of lack of sleep or too tired. For eye bags or puffy eyes, it can use the following technique to meperbaiki eye makeup look:
After use foundation, you can cover eye bags using a concealer. Keep in mind, so do not be too thick to use concealer to cover eye bags because it will cause the stack and wrinkles that are not natural. Choose a color as close a color concealer foundation to look natural.
Use powder to even out the color on the under eye area.
Select a color eyeliner that is not too dark that the eye area does not look even darker. Suitable sepia, blend naturally in the eye.
Beauty Tips: Eyes far apart

The location of a remote eye can be corrected using the following techniques:
Create shading that gives the impression to get closer to the eye.
Extend the base of the eyebrows so that the eyes look more closely.
Avoid using bright color eyeshadow on inner corner of eye.
Beauty Tips: Different Forms of Currency

Shape between the right eye and left eye is generally not the same, but if the differences seen quite clearly would interfere with performance. To correct the shape of your eyes can do the following tips:
Use false eyelashes. The trick is to use appropriate eye to eye shape better. As for the other eye, pairs of lashes at the outer corner of the eye in a higher position.
Create an outline of the outer eye corner by using a thicker eyeliner.
Rub a little thick mascara on the outer corner of eye to be corrected.
Beauty Tips: Eyes Down

Due to the influence of age or genetic factors, a person's eyes can look down so it looks less charming. To overcome this problem, you can do the following:
Use scotch tape on the eyelid.
Select and wear black eyeliner thicker at the outer corner of the eye up or down.
Greed dark eyeshadow for the eyes look larger. Use eyeshadow drawn by starting from 1/3 outer petals point upwards to form a 90 degree angle.
With some eye makeup techniques, you can make your eyes more beautiful. Now, you can look more attractive with a perfect eye makeup.
Health education qvaeBeauty Tips Eye for all types of eye

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