Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Qvae: If you are the honor of my love

I still love you, like when I realized I love you. I've always wished you happy as I first hoped that happiness is in you.
I'm waiting for you but I hope you never come to me tomorrow. and I miss you like when love is realized if the love is yearning.
If you wish to end this love, pray if today is the last day the world was, because I do not know how I can love you like I do not know how to forget you. You are always in my mind, like when I start thinking about your challenge. If you think this is wrong then blame it when I've been lying to you, do not you know, if there is only cypress honesty in my life is love.
I still love you, and will still love you until I know if I love you can forget.
I do not care how long I should wait, because I already be waiting for you.
Qvae: If you are the honor of my love
I took off everything I want
I will not repeat
I'm sorry if you cared
And when kumenanti
Have you ever tried to understand
Look at me here
Could it be if I had a dream
Wrong tuk waiting

I never tired of waiting
Never lost my love of this
Until now, you tlah back
Kan kukenang in the liver alone

You have left
Heart of hearts
Until there is no love


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