Sunday, February 19, 2012

my reason to cry

Some of today's world as it forced me to cry,
world continues to provide a reason to cry, of all that I can not reach, of all the dreams that failed, of all the desire that never work out.
I sometimes do not know what to do, even it seems like every step was a mistake.
I think back since about the "I"

If it comes my time
I want no one to woo her
Not really you
No need to snivel that

I'm a beast bitch
Of collection, the waste

Let the bullet penetrate my skin
I keep crashing inflamed
Luka and I can take running
Until the missing poignant fairy

And I would not care more
I want to live a thousand years

There is no genuine and lasting love than the love of a mother to her children. In fact, the latest research shows, the love of a mother to her child until the child can prevent disease adulthood.

This conclusion was made after investigators found evidence that there are some children who live in poor areas, but does not suffer from a chronic illness while growing up. But the authors, the children should have a higher risk of developing various chronic diseases.

Once traced, the experts finally discovered that those who suffer from chronic diseases as adults, come from a background where his childhood experience of stress, thereby increasing the likelihood of children suffering from illnesses such as diabetes, stroke or hypertension later in life.

However, those who grew up in a loving mother is known to have better health overall than those who are not close to their mothers. Researchers think this may be due to a sense of empathy and self-esteem taught by mothers to their children.

Research published in the journal Psychological Science, the researchers looked at 1,200 people over the past ten years to see if the mother's parenting style influences child's overall health condition. "The literature suggests that people who are in lower socioeconomic status have worse health," said Professor Margie Lachman, one of the researchers.

"The factors that can be modified to play an important role. We realize that there are some things you can do to minimize health disparities," he added.

It's clear that money and access to health care is one of its parts, says Lachman. But some research suggests that it plays only a very small role.

"The literature reveals that many health problems in middle age, including metabolic syndrome, can be traced back to see what really happened in childhood," he explained.

"The pressure experienced during childhood can adversely affect health in later life. But since small children are lovingly cared for by their mothers tend to have better physical health as adults," he concluded.


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