Sunday, February 19, 2012

This they call a second chance

This they call a second chance
I now regret
love real love
no time to read my heart
Instead terabai me
I tired of hiding
cover the purpose of the liver
who actually live because of you
and could die without you
I wish I still had
second chance
I'll definitely do away with your wound
take care of you, give you all my love
I realize not properly
always full of disappointment
You deserve happiness more
happy because of my love
you take it with you
next to me half of my soul
I was able to refine
I still have a heart ...

for we have a sense ...
and I will stay
up whenever you ask
Make sure my love on my side
let him come to call me
time with
I will not forget ... I lose ...
Although the weight when you go away from me ...
Leave me ...
Give me a second chance for us
menyesalku was plug in the wound in your heart
Believe me I'm changing for you
fault is not to be remembered ... forget!
This they call a second chance


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