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Perception of Beauty According to Various Countries

Perception of Beauty According to Various Countries
membunyai pretty different perceptions in each country, and this time we try to describe the perception of beauty of some of the countries that have a different perception of beauty.
This follows from the Japanese perception of beauty, the Thailand's  perception of beauty, the india perception of beauty, Iran perception of beauty, Iran perception of beauty, Brazil perception of beauty, Indonesia perception of beauty, Ethiopia perception of beauty, France perception of beauty, Mauritania perception of beauty.
Perception of Beauty According to Various Countries
perception of beauty
In Japan, the skin is the key to beauty. Women in Japan have a soft & beautiful skin with no scars, particularly on their face. This is because Japanese women prefer to consume food and beverages that contain collagen. In Japan, collagen is very easy to find in the supermarket, even a lot of restaurant that provides food that contain collagen. Their goal is to consume collagen to keep skin smooth, because collagen is the major protein constituting 75% of skin area and serves to provide strength and smoothness to the skin.
Of skin woman in Japan is fine, but still not feel complete without a straight hair, straight hair in Japan because it is also considered to be beautiful, and most of the hair of Japanese women was indeed straight. Straight hair is likened to a beautiful girl in Japan

Thailand perception of beauty
perception of beauty
In Burma and Thailand, member of the Kayan tribe begin their beauty rituals from a young age. At age 5, they had used a circular ring around his neck. Neck bracelets are being added along with their growth, and it makes them more long neck like a giraffe's neck. For them, a long neck with a shiny bracelet is a sign of status and their greatness. Severe neck bands can reach 22 pounds or about 10.5 pounds.

Women in India mix turmeric, lemon, and honey to rub into their skin, in the days of celebration such as weddings and family events. They always wear jewelry, and brightly colored clothes and a red mark on their foreheads at certain moments. Red mark on their foreheads called kumkum and they think it makes them more attractive.

Almost the whole world knows, that women in India have beautiful skin and hair, and it has been helping women in the U.S. (United States) who want to lengthen their hair with hair clamp technique. What do beautiful hair in India with the women in the U.S.? Approximately 25% of U.S. wigs imported from the sacrifice of the women in India. The women in India to sacrifice their hair for Hindu religious ceremonies, and they believe that their god is like the hair. Hindu temples are automatically coming a lot of hair, then why all the hair? The hair turns out they are selling into the market, and profit by 18 million dollars per year ($ 1 = Rp 10 340). an expert hairdresser said that quality best quality is the hair of people of India.

perception of beauty
For women in Iran, beauty is to have a small nose. The women in Iran is like a beautiful, petite nose, because the women in Iran usually wear clothes that cover her body from head to toe, except the face. But the question "Does everyone have a pretty and petite nose?" The answer "No". Indeed most women in Iran have a big nose, and therefore, they are willing to do everything they can to fix their noses. Usually they do surgery to beautify their noses, and therefore, the state of Iran is the country with the number of nose jobs in the world. It turned out that in addition to beauty, they also determine the operating status or position, and usually they wear a kind of plaster on their noses as a sign that they have nose surgery. Funny thing is, many women in Iran who wear nose plasters though they do not perform surgery.

Brazil perception of beauty

Brazil is the largest consuming nation in the world of diet pills, because the women in Brazil to have a slim body. In addition to consuming diet pills, brazil women also love fitness and perform surgery. Just as the women in Iran who likes to do nose surgery, the women in Brazil are also often perform plastic surgery. Plastic surgery in Brazil is the world's largest plastic surgery, to the point that a lot of magazines in Brazil devoted about plastic surgery. Surgery and beauty is very important in Brazil and, oddly, you can perform operations in Brazil in installments / credits, so you will not be surprised of the poor can also operating in Brazil. Brazilian women spend 3/4 salary just for beauty treatments.

Secret Beauty in Indonesia are slim. In Indonesia there is a post-pregnancy slimming method using Stagen. Stagen wrapped around the body, to suppress a large belly and hips after pregnancy. Wearing Stagen make the wearer feel a little sick, because the pressure exerted Stagen hard enough.

Ethiopia perception of beauty

In Ethiopia, it is a beautiful claw scars. Ethiopia is not a scar on unintentional injuries, they deliberately made it his own by cutting their abdomen. They argued that the injury could satisfy him, and a growing number of injuries, the more beautiful. Usually the claw wounds were made since they were children.

France perception of beauty

In Paris, is pretty slim, graceful, beautiful, and classy. In Paris, the women spend much of her time for beauty treatments. Because women are slim-slim Paris, they only provide clothes to size 12 for women. Surprisingly, they say, age 60 years when a woman is most beautiful Paris.

Mauritania perception of beauty

Almost in all countries consider it like a pretty slim, but in the west African state, Big is Beautifull. Mauritania is located in the sandy country west Africa. Quite the opposite meaning of beauty in Mauritania, where big is better (Sexy) from the trim.

The more Big (Fat) a woman, the more men who like to, if not more slender then the behavior. Hearing this, blessed are the Oprah, and all women in the world of excess weight. As more fat, the more you like, since little girls-they were fed food and camel milk with high fat in excess.

Due to excessive vomiting children, but instead were given more. No wonder, the food there a lot of fat and no one selling diet food or diet pills in Mauritania. Funny thing is, men in Mauritania to be skinny or slim


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