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Qvae: Skin care education To Stay Beautiful

Qvae: Skin care education To Stay Beautiful

Qvae: Skin care education To Stay Beautiful
Stay Beautiful Skin so that you know, the wrinkles, eye bags, and not just skin redness caused by sun or genetic? The little things you do every day could be the cause of it all. To get beautiful skin and good, probably just need to change the activities of daily small you are. The following tips provided by Mary P. Lupo, MD, a dermatologist from New Orleans, USA:

1. Habit exfoliates the skin with the grains (scrubs) of hard materials can damage the skin. Sometimes there are several manufacturers of beauty products have eksfoliator of objects such as crushed shells, nuts, or seeds. Unfortunately, things are sometimes still have sharp corners, and not infrequently injure the skin.

2. Should replace it with a small scrub and round. David Bank, MD, a dermatologist from Mt. Kisco, New York said, if you have sensitive skin, try using baking soda exfoliator from. Simply mix baking soda with enough water until the pasta. Then, use a scrub.
 Habits of a shower or bath with warm water / heat too long can scrape the skin. Too long bath with hot water can make a layer of lipid (binders that make the skin cells moist) to be eroded. Indeed, a few hours and then lipid will be formed again, but during the process, body moisture lost in considerable amounts. Not to mention if the water contains chlorine which can make skin dry and irritated. If you must shower with hot water, try to not more than 10 minutes, in order to keep skin fresh and moist.
4. Routine checks to an ophthalmologist. Repetitive muscle movements such as frowning, can cause wrinkles or fine lines while (in between the eyebrows and on the outside of the eye) becomes permanent. Many women do not realize that they have their eyes examined regularly, at least two years. Especially when they start to realize that they have vision difficulties, we will wince involuntarily, to produce wrinkles. Whether you're starting to feel there is something wrong with the vision or not, your eyes should be routinely checked. Do not be too embarrassed to wear sunglasses when outdoors in the daytime. In addition to avoiding wrinkles, as well as to prevent cataracts that can result from exposure to direct sunlight and frequent.
4. Habits hair after washing your face in the morning? You should change this habit. Why? Because unconsciously, hair stylist products can be lodged in children's hair, which is around the face. In the end, there will be breakouts around the child's hair and clogged pores caused by hair stylist products. Steps that should be done is, if you've washed in the evening, Arrange your hair in the morning. Do the hair first, then wash your face. If this is inconvenient, you can clean your face after grooming with special wipes for the baby's face or make-up before use.
5. Sleep sideways. If you're like most people are awakened by the alarm, but not directly on the move, most likely you still put his face in the pillow for a while. Gravity can cause fluid to collect in the bottom of the eye, causing swelling under the eyes. When this happens every day, there will be a lower eyelids.
Qvae: Skin care education To Stay Beautiful

Those who sleep sideways also tend to have wrinkles. The lines due to the sheets are left on the face, if it happens every day will become permanent. Because folds or wrinkles that occur every day and continue to lead to defective collagen. You should try to train yourself to sleep on their backs. Should try to sleep using a travel pillow that looks like a horseshoe. Or, place a small pillow under the knees. This will give you support a neutral spine and makes you not want to turn around. The experts also recommended to change the sheets with silk sheets are rarely clumping, so that will not leave streaks on the face.
Qvae: Skin care education To Stay Beautiful
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