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Learn From Ahmadinejad The Most Simple President on The World

Learn From Ahmadinejad The Most Simple President on The World
Learn From Ahmadinejad 
Qvae sure you already know or can read Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Ahmadinezhad, the president of Iran is very consistent providing resistance against the arrogance of America and its allies, especially in terms of nuclear management. Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the sixth and earned 61.91% of the votes at the election Iran on June 24, 2005. His presidency began on August 3, 2005. Last year, Ahmadinejad re-elected as the seventh President of Iran.
He was formerly the mayor of Tehran from May 3, 2003 until June 28, 2005 when he was elected president. He is widely known as a conservative who is very loyal to the values ​​of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, 1979. But have you ever browse the background and nature of its simplicity, although it now serves as President of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the second time?

Learn From Ahmadinejad: Childhood Ahmadinejad
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was born in the farming village of Aradan, near Garmsar, about 120 kilometers southeast of Tehran.
He is the fourth of seven children, came from Shiite families. He is the son of a blacksmith. Someone who is not famous, not a cleric, nor a political figure in the Iran.
Ahmadinejad small grow like a teenager at her age. Known as a fan of football and play good football. He was also good at math. Besides Ahmadinejad is known to have a good voice, as when reading the Quran and speeches.
No one can think Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was elected President of Iran, because six other presidential candidates are clerics or political leaders who have great financial resources. Ahmadinejad was elected because people like the style and its simple.
Learn From Ahmadinejad: Mayor of Tehran
Learn From Ahmadinejad 
Ahmadinejad was elected mayor of Tehran in May 2003. When he was mayor of Tehran, everywhere always drive myself, stayed in his house, clean the environment itself, like watching your own every corner of the city and others. In his tenure, he returned many of the changes made earlier mayors are more moderate and reformist, and the importance of religious values ​​in activities in cultural centers.
President Mohammad Khatami had attended a meeting of the Council of Ministers banned, a title commonly given to the mayor of Tehran. This is because at the time of Khatami to Tehran University, Khatami stuck in traffic. Khatami criticized Ahmadinejad who was then mayor of Tehran.
But instead of hastily cleared the problem, Ahmadinejad actually said: "Be thankful for our president has felt real people's lives". But Ahmadinejad remains relaxed with the ban.
Its that simple is still seen as Ahmadinejad was elected president. Red carpets persian expensive out of all of the palace, refusing limousine and remain faithful to use his old car and remained in his house.
In addition to the simple nature he loved because it is more concerned with improving the country's economy than other areas and fight for every oil revenues to fall to the table the people of Iran.
Learn From Ahmadinejad: Ahmadinejad Controversy
Ahmadinejad increasingly popular with quote his statement at a meeting in front of the students on October 26, 2005 of Ayatollah Khomeini's statement that called for Israel "wiped off the map" sparked controversy. In addition, drawing criticism from world leaders, including President Shimon Peres. Peres even retaliate by demanding that Iran expelled from membership in the United Nations.
The controversial statement was repeated on December 14, 2005. At that time, he said that the Holocaust (the massacre of Jews by the Nazi regime during World War II) is a myth that Europeans are used to create a Jewish state in the heart of the Islamic world. He also briefly held a conference on the Holocaust.
Meanwhile, domestic criticism of the domestic and foreign policy continues flowing. Criticism came from the big cleric Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri. Referring to Ahmadinejad's rhetoric against the United States, Montazeri stated that it is necessary to act logically and not to provoke the enemy. For Montazeri, extremism is not good for the people to bear fruit.
Iran insists that the development of nuclear technology is a right that can not be denied despite the UN Security Council passed a resolution demanding Iran to halt uranium enrichment program. Ahmadinejad under fire from conservatives and reformists concerning economic policy and the way he handles the Iranian nuclear issue.
Learn From Ahmadinejad: Simple life style of Ahmadinejad
"Remember, you're nothing more than a servant, the day before you, filled with a heavy responsibility, namely to serve the Iranian nation. (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) "
Ahmadinejad is famous for its simplicity in daily life, both as personal and as a President of Iran. In an interview with Fox TV journalists from America, revealing the sides of an Ahmadinejad amazing, life is very simple to be very proud if we compare it with the lives of the officials in our own country, Indonesia. What is it?
Learn From Ahmadinejad: When Appointed President
Learn From Ahmadinejad 
The first time he occupied the presidential palace donate all Iranian carpets are very valuable to the mosques in Tehran and replacing it with plain carpets are easy to clean.
He observed that there is a very large room to accept and respect the VIP guests, and he was ordered to close the room and asked the protocol to replace it with a regular room with two wooden chairs, simple though it looks impresiv.
His first step was to announce his wealth and property consisting of a Peugeot 504 in 1977, a modest house inherited from his father 40 years ago in a slum in Tehran. His bank account has a minimum balance, and the only money that makes the money monthly salary as a lecturer at a university that is only worth U.S. $ 250.

While serving as President of Iran, he lives in his own house. He does not take a salary as president, the reason is that all of the welfare state and he is on duty to guard it.
The president is always carrying a bag containing a daily breakfast, a sandwich or cheese sandwich prepared by his wife and ate it with delight, he also stopped providing food habits are reserved for the president.
In addition, another thing he changed was the policy of the Presidential aircraft, he turns it into a cargo plane that can save you tax the people and for himself, he was asked to fly a plane normal to economy class.
He also slashed the palace protocol so that ministers can go straight to his room without any obstacles. He also stopped the habit of ceremonies like the red carpet, photo session, or private publications, or things like that when visiting various places in the country.
The Iranian president is often sleeping in her living room after loose from the guards, bodyguards who always follow wherever he goes.
Learn From Ahmadinejad: Spiritual life of Ahmadinejad
In contrast to the treatment of the president and government officials in our country, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will not step over another congregation in a mosque if it comes too late. He would sit in line to whatever he found.
In their daily activities as President, when a voice call to prayer rang, he did pray wherever he is even just plain carpet. When his son married recently, he only held a very simple event like the workers, are very different from the president's family wedding in our country.
Learn From Ahmadinejad The Most Simple President on The World
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