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Becoming a Risk Taker: Educations article

Becoming a Risk Taker
Becoming a Risk Taker
"There is no security on this earth. Only opportunity." - Douglas MacArthur.
What happens when we are afraid to take risks in life? Everything we do must be risky! Especially if you want to progress and success, the risk is something that we are familiar, rather than avoided.
Talk about the risks, such as William J. Bernstein in his book "The Four Pillars of Investing", "Risk, like pornography, is difficult, to define, but we think we know it when we see it." Risks, such as pornography, difficult to define, but we'll know it when we have seen. So does the risk, we will know and feel it when we have been through it.

If we dare to take risks, it means we have the courage to live the life itself. Also shows that we believe will get a valuable lesson from each of the risks taken. Of course that does not mean go without calculation. One secret of people who have been successful, as they reveal, is that they often take risks in acting.

So, why some people are reluctant to take risks? The answer is simple. They are afraid of failure, thinking can not do, or do not feel proficient and talented. Courage to take risks, is actually more to show the character and the mental one. Not on the size of the risks faced. The quality of a person is determined from the events that came to him, but from the response that he gave of the event itself.

So, if we hesitate to go because they do not know what we will be facing step, daring to take risks. Dare to take the opportunity to come to the realization of a better life. After all, we will not know whether we can deal with it or not, before we actually experience it.

However, once again reminded, does not mean risk-taking hasty action. Just because a person managed to succeed because it is not afraid of risk, we still have to do the preparation and consideration. So that if one day we feared the risk of it actually happening, we can pass well. That's when we want to succeed in all things, we will always be faced with the risk. Risk is associated with fear-fear of the onset of chaos, fear the judgment of another judge, and the fear of the unexpected things that wait ahead. Face the fear and let fear as a motivator!

Without us knowing it, a lot of advantages that we can take if we dare to take risks and face. When we make mistakes, automatically we will be wiser in the future. If we succeed, we will learn and know the amount of capabilities and our potential. In terms of career, when we dare to take risks, then it will lead us to become a leader and innovator. The key to all of those mentioned above are, be a smart risk taker, an intelligent risk taker!

Here are six ways that are written by Beth Banks, PhD, an expert in the field of leadership development, which could lead us to become one of them.

Believe on instinct

Do not wait until a real clue comes to us, the new decision, because it could be the instructions that came too late or even not come at all. Even if there is an excellent guide, not only we know it, but also others who may have the same goal. When approached brilliant idea, do not waste a lot of time, immediately realized, and did then and there! Believe in what your heart.

Do not be afraid to ask for help

If indeed we are facing something that we did not understand it, whereas something that could bring great progress towards what we want to achieve, do not hesitate to have recourse to the more expert. If we continue to get caught up in the fear of risk-fear when asked for help from others, then our ability to be underestimated, so we'll never get ahead.

Remove the positive energy

Fear, stress, and uncertainty can we make "friends", not an enemy to be avoided, provided we treat it as a motivation, not as a barrier. Get used to menolelir those feelings. Always remind yourself, that progress will not come if we do not move forward into a state of uncertainty.

Anticipation and action

Not make an actual decision is a decision, which is bad of course. Think like an athlete, and learn to put yourself in that action and the actions required to achieve a feat.

Learning from Failure

The most valuable lesson in life is what resulted from a failure. People can be very forgiving when we really did your best and being full of integrity.


Indeed, sometimes the ideas and dreams a fantastic look very good on paper, but reality is not as easy as writing on a piece of paper. When we feel ready to take risks, think of a plausible reason why we would do it.
There are several obstacles that can make us discouraged to become a risk taker. May, by knowing what are the barriers / feeling, we can be better prepared and did not change his mind to move forward to achieve what we want, although there are risks that face!

-The fear of rejection
-Fear not-approval
-Feelings of guilt
-The desire to always be true
-Fear is underestimated
-Avoid conflicts
-Fear of failure
- "Play" safe
-Fear of hurting others.
Becoming a Risk Taker

Becoming a Risk Taker
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Becoming a Risk Taker 
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