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How Importance of Intelligence Educations for People

How Importance of Intelligence Educations for People

How Importance of Intelligence Educations for People

Our educational objectives among others to the nation. Unfortunately during this general concern is intellectual, but it makes children less intelligent or not intelligent in other respects. So I would like to remind the existence of different types of intelligences that need attention in the world of education, among others: physical intelligence, intelligence, social intelligence, emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence.

(1) physical intelligence can be roughly translated 'physically healthy'. It is our opinion as early as possible the physical health of children getting adequate attention: pay attention to four of five perfectly healthy (rice or bread, vegetables, side dishes or meat, fruit, milk), not just a recitation for kids but implemented. As long as the child still should be 'trained', if need be 'forced' to eat anything (four of five perfectly healthy) except poison. Do not get distracted physical health due to malnutrition. Problem of nutrition rather than pleasure, but completeness. Saving our physical health is more easily noticed, and a power / capital to support the other intelligences.

(2) general intelligence would understand and it is many years into the implementation of the pressures of education or learning process. Well keep in mind if a child is malnourished, it is difficult also to be intellectually smart

(3) social intelligence, can be roughly translated "people can get along with anyone and under any circumstances". Once again children / people who are sick, ill or physically unwell also be difficult for friends or siblings with anyone and anything. In general a sickly or unhealthy physically and getting special treatment that leads to indulgence alias plunges into the future of children who are less happy or prosperous.

(4) emotional intelligence means that people are able to manage his own emotions and others emotions. Emotion is a force to be managed and synergize so beneficial to the health / well-being of children. Training to deal with and manage a wide assortment of emotions need to obtain an adequate place.

(5) spiritual intelligence can be defined as 'capable of loving God and neighbor'. Love is free, without limits, and freedom is limited only by love. To love is to not harass or demean others, but respect the dignity and respect the dignity of others. Remember: each one of us 'was held, was born, raised, educated' by and with love, and each one of us is the 'fruit of love' or 'love'. So easy to love one another, each met with the means to meet with love, mutual love, compassion.

Hope it helps and useful.

How Importance of Intelligence Educations for People


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