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Let's Learn From Caterpillars for better

Let's Learn From Caterpillars for better
Let's Learn From Caterpillars
For fans of the plant or who have a hobby of gardening, often find that annoying beast, where the young leaves that grow fresh, becoming irregular and hollow-hollow stalk even out and live alone. It turns out after we look at an animal that is usually colored green, as green leaves for you flase, the animal is a caterpillar.
Caterpillar is one of the animals are very voracious in devouring the green leaves of plants that we love. The anger that is when we find our favorite plant leaves have been exhausted, even just the branches only. It feels sad and angry because we feel deprived of business simply because the act of the caterpillar.
Behind the resentment and anger, have we ever tried to look at or a little stunned frown upon the act of the larva, or otherwise we kill him to vent his resentment, cruel huh?

The results caused by the act of the caterpillars are very impressive when compared with the weak form of the caterpillar and soft body.
The resulting view of the result then we can say that the character is a hard worker in the caterpillars defoliate the plant leaves us, as if they like the deadline and had to rush to finish. The result is very frustrating for us all, namely the bare plant in a relatively short time and once again was impressive.
In its mission through the caterpillars do not let a little time wasted. The new worm stops when it comes to the set where he had stopped eating to get to the harsh conditions of fasting. Strict fasting without eating without drinking at all, in the scope of the narrow and dark cocoon.
Cocoon during an event occurs which is amazing, the era of transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly repugnant to the beautiful and admired the beautiful human being. The butterflies that seemed to be born a new creature that has a realization and a new one and behavior change at all.
Should we keep silent about an event that is very beautiful and impressive, certainly not. Actually we should be ashamed if you see a caterpillar that hard-working nature. Caterpillars seemed to not have a spare and wasted time at all. Available time is very precious time for the worm to fatten the body as a preparation for a situation where a large energy required is the chrysalis, as if being chased by the deadline so that the caterpillar was never a break to continue eating the leaves.
Race against the caterpillars with time, apparently caused by the caterpillar has had a very clear objective and clear, which collects all the potential is there to face a very critical moment is the chrysalis, a cocoon where it's needed during the preparation of the prime. The coming of the cocoon is a necessity, then the caterpillars prepare to work hard to deal with it.
A preparation to the hard work done well in animals experiencing winter. Where to face hard times in the winter, many animals that do hibernate during winter in caves or burrows, to avoid the fierce winter. To keep the body warm and the availability of energy then before the winter ahead, the animals will accumulate as much fat in their bodies, to be used as stock in a long hibernation.
Then let's look in the mirror and review ourselves, is there a remarkable spirit that has been properly caterpillars defoliate the leaves, not the future and the tremendous weight of responsibility that we must bear and exert. But we are lulled and still likes to play, should not be fooled by a very fun game.
The days of our lives as individuals or groups, would not have been a pleasant escape from the period and then replaced the hard times, it is a certainty, just as surely as the alternation of rainy season met by the tire.
Let us not be complacent even less with the animals named the caterpillar that has superior work ethic and has a pattern of far-sighted view that pursuing a future with hard work, because the future of the difficulties and temptations that are sure to come and approach us, then the preparation mature and hard work that can help us and not laziness and procrastinate.
Let's Learn From Caterpillars for better
Let's Learn From Caterpillars for better
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Let's Learn From Caterpillars for better


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