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Kinds of Intelligence of the Child (Multiple Intelligence)

Kinds of Intelligence of the Child (Multiple Intelligence)

Kinds of Intelligence of the Child (Multiple Intelligence)
Your child gets bad grades in math class! or she would rather hear music than studying! does that mean that your child is stupid?
Stop accusing the mother of a child .. not so stupid as to know the mathematical knowledge is low. Howard Gardner, a research expert from the United states:
No child is stupid or smart, that there is a child who stands out in one or several types of intelligence.
Howard also said that intelligence is not something that is fixed, it is a collection of abilities or skills that can be nurtured and developed. According to her in every Child there are eight kinds of intelligence.

An ability to speak, most children with this intelligence prefer to learn by listening. They are often more prominent in language lessons, poetry, more quickly absorb new vocabulary or foreign, be better able to speak a foreign language well.
Is a more masterful ability to use numbers, solving problems logically and mathematically. Kind of intelligence that is often a barometer of the parents.
An ability to recognize emotions of yourself and others, usually children who have this intelligence is often channeled his thoughts by writing a diary, to motivate yourself, like thinking about the philosophy of life and can develop a good self-concept.
An intelligence in dealing with others. Usually, children with intelligence in the mix is ​​more sociable, able to adjust to the environment, like empathy and be able to look at from the perspective of others.
Children are always interested in listening to music and playing a musical instrument, sensitive to noise and able to understand the nuances and emotions contained in a song.
Usually like art, painting and sculpture. Having the ability to read directions well, enjoy the puzzle game. Usually like to write a note or explain his or her mind with images.
The ability to use the body skillfully, have control, agility and balance movements. Like the real learning experience as fieldtrip. His memory is more robust against what's been seen or experienced.
Like the natural sciences, like maintaining the plants or animals. Interested in social problems, are usually able to read the weather and care for the environment.
Well mother, from now try to identify the type of intelligence which is more prevalent in your child. Asahlah more in there to keep helping others improve their intelligence. But do not force him to stand out on the ability of non-talent, the result can cause trauma in children and our parents could be one step to determine the future direction of his future.
Kinds of Intelligence of the Child (Multiple Intelligence)


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