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Tips to handle the stress with a perfect

Tips to handle the stress with a perfect

Stress is a non-specific response of the body that appears when needed. Different definitions of stress with increased anxiety or anxiety. Stress is a normal thing, but must be controlled so as not to negatively impact the health of body and soul.

Tips to handle the stress with a perfect
Because the body responds to various forms of physical or psychological stress, changes in the body can be predicted. Such as increased heart rate, increased blood pressure (systolic and diastolic) as well as stimulating hormone secretion. Response to stress occurs if the stress is negative or positive nature.

The term is a trivial mechanism of 'fight or flight'. Sustained stress can decrease the body's ability to receive an additional pressure in the form of psychological or physical.

What about signs of stress? There are a number of clear signals when you are stressed, namely:

1. Sensitive
2. Pressure rise in heart
3. Increased blood pressure
4. Difficulty sleeping
5. Headache
6. Gastrointestinal pain / heartburn
7. Feeling anxious for no reason
8. Pain in the neck or lower back

Stress will be more easily controlled when someone noticed the arrival of the stress at the beginning. How do I manage stress in order not to continue? Here are some tips that you can copy that you can avoid stress:
Tips to handle the stress with a perfect

1. Regular exercise every day, including 20 minutes of aerobic exercise
2. Consumption of a balanced diet, lots of fiber such as vegetables and fruits.
3. Avoid caffeine, because these substances may cause insomnia and anxiety.
4. reduce the consumption of refined sugar. Excess sugar causes fluctuations in blood sugar level over and over, adding to pressure on the physical functioning of the body.
5. Reduce alcohol and drugs. These substances increase headaches and depression increase
6. Getting enough sleep for seven hours in the evening
7. Take time each day with relaxation, such as yoga, meditation also pray
8. Warm water bath
9. Walk
10. Hold hands or hug and pet care can be a panacea to stress. Physical contact is believed to be a powerful way to relieve stress.

Tips to handle the stress with a perfect

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