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Qvae: Lessons on how to overcome the lies of the child.

Qvae: Lessons on how to overcome the lies of the child.
The reason children lie:
* Fear of being punished for doing wrong.

* Seeing a lie that is around (parents, teachers, family)

Qvae: Lessons on how to overcome the lies of the child.
* The threat of punishment for the child's fault
Various factors lie above the main trigger of a child. Let the parents agree to eliminate this evil in the world population with the right attitude.
Well, here are some things parents can do to stop lying to children from an early age:

Instill awareness to always be honest and realize the harmful effects of lies.
Parents who understand the meaning of fairness and due to bad lie even once written on plain lying and dishonesty will always live in have the determination to live an honest and hate a lie. Such parents will never compromise with lies around it, including his own son. Attitude does not compromise with lies will help transform a lie to children.

Very smart little boy imitating what is seen, and the lie of the behavior and words of the parents will also instill the lie in the mental child. Whatever the form of a lie even in small things, it's all recorded in the memory of the child.
Promises are not kept as well be the cause of the easy recorded. Never promise something that is certainly not met. If the appointment is not so because of other factors, say sorry and understanding to love the little guy. Do not also tell you something that contains a lie because when the child will see the fact that she would record it. Do not apologize if there's pride we mistake in the eyes of our children. This gentle attitude we want to record into a good future for him.

Gives light to the child and the picture of honesty and ugliness of lies. Teach your child is also not afraid to admit that mistake. Love the sense that if he made a mistake and claimed not to be punished. Do not always provide a threat to a fault because it becomes a frightening specter for the child when he does something wrong.

Parents often have to communicate well and openly to the child. Openness starts from parent can tell you what he does when he goes / work leaving the child. This will make the child will also tell you what happened to him during his absence along with us. Show a good attitude to listen to what he told, do not take for granted every story. And also give an appreciation of the story and the honesty of the child.

Do not forget to give a good appreciation of the honesty of the parents of the child rather than punishment for the mistakes made.

Qvae: Lessons on how to overcome the lies of the child.
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