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the education of children

Consider the education of children the same as preparing for future generations. Heart of a child is like a photographic plate that does not display anything, ready to reflect on all that revealed to him. Natural heritage which brought every soul on earth, almost all men a bad attitude shown what it is is what is obtained after they were born to earth. This suggests that it is natural goodness while evil is not natural.

Thinking broadly about life related to children is not easy. But we must remember that adults often underestimate the capacity of the mind of a child, which in fact often more willing to understand and better able to understand something than an adult. While you can not start the education of children with profound subject, you can always save a great design that you see and want to achieve before you.

There's the biggest mistake of modern education, with all the cutting-edge methods to train children, is to have lost the most important thing, namely: a lesson about the nature of selflessness. One might think that someone who is selfish will not be able to safeguard the interests of his own: but in reality do not seem so. People who are selfish disappoint others and ultimately hurt himself. Man is free, dependent on each other, and happiness of each person depends on the happiness of all. This is a lesson to be learned now as people first and last lesson.

Humans are the result of all of creation, the source of real beauty. Goal is the creation of beauty. Therefore, it is clear that the purpose of life is to evolve toward beauty. Nature, in all its aspects are diverse, evolving towards beauty. Therefore, it is clear that the purpose of life is to evolve toward beauty. In educating children, the first consideration must be that the seed sown in the hearts of their beauty. When the plants grow he should be treated with patience. Fertility of the plant was the pride of those who planted it so that the child's development is the responsibility of parents. Parents should learn to be an example for their children. There is no theory that can bring in effect if not accompanied by the practice. Naturally, if the parents wish their children differently and better than them.

The first lesson a child needs is to align thoughts, words, and actions. Everything in this life, physical and mental, inside and react with each other. Therefore, little knowledge about the tone and rhythm is important in the early education of children. The child must be taught the elements of music on the pitch pattern which will connect with friends, with people who have not he know, his parents, while playing or in the same table; in a variety of conditions he should be able to feel different pitch patterns. Children must be taught how to make the choice of words when speaking to different people, to strangers, to his friends, the maid at home, make the sound louder or softer to do with understanding. A child must be taught to speak and act in accordance with the conditions prevailing at the time. Laughing at the time to laugh, serious when seriousness is needed. In everything he does, he should consider and think about the conditions.

Child's mind is more active than adults, for two reasons. The first, the growing child's mind with great energy, which makes it active during growth, so children are always ill at ease both in thought and in action. A child in a room can make people feel there are a hundred kids there. Child is never still, he was happy to use the mental and physical energy in various ways over time.

To the attention to education for children should be considered from five different perspectives: the physical, mental, moral, social, and spiritual. If one side does not grow and the other side, children will naturally point out some deficiencies in its development.

Thus, the government is definitely in charge of education for the community. This education should be structured in such a way that both the poor and rich have equal opportunities in a study consisting of five spec education mentioned above. When learning is complete, kids can pick up any profession they like. If they want more education they can get it with their own property if they can afford (or educational assistance that can be obtained from the government). However, important education should be given to each child by the community. Education and learning can be summarized into the learning of general education; children must not only be taught to read and write, but also to have an idea of ​​all-rounder in life and how to live the best life for him.

Physical education can be given, even in infancy, with the help of music. A person should be sought for baby's arms and legs move up and down, and as he grew he must be taught to do it rhythmically. When the child grows, as he can dance and play several different games, exercise should be taught. In this way the children would benefit, they do not feel bored and think of it as recreation.

In addition, clean and nutritious food needed by the child as he grows. He should also get time to sleep is in accordance with the needs of each child. Simultaneously, there should be time spent resting, and should be done a certain way so that children who tend to be active would be happy to do the rest.

A child who is growing like a plant. Not only that he needs physical food but spiritual food. The best spiritual food is the love child and love him. He also must be taught balance, to keep his emotions are always there and within a certain area. Children should be taught using an expression of love through the sweet in thought, speech, and actions. Giving the love that one will spoil the child so that he is rude, arrogant, and indifferent. We must not be excessive in showing our love for children.

The child must learn to recognize the relationship and obligations to all of the existing surroundings. We must let him know what to expect father, mother, sister, and brother of his, because to recognize the relationship to one another a sign of human character that does not exist in animals. The child must know that he is responsible for everything he does, not only to his friends, but also to someone who saw him constantly; that no matter how difficult that upheld justice in the world, there will be time and place where the balance of justice will balance everything. Death is only a bridge to go through every soul from one environment to another environment. Children should be introduced and the lift on the creator of the universe and its contents is Allah (God Almighty)



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