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Red Increase Speed ​​and Strength

Red Increase Speed ​​and Strength
Cause red bull became aggressive as the matador bullring. Red color appears on the aggressive influence occurs also in humans. The results showed that the color red can increase the speed and strength of the human reaction.
Red Increase Speed ​​and Strength
According to Andrew Elliot, professor of psychology and researchers from the University of Rochester, the color red can increase physical reaction because of looks like a sign of danger. But the implications of this red color such as double-edged sword, said Elliot colleague, Henk Aarts, a professor of psychology from the University Utrech. Henk mentions, even though the red color can mobilize energy but can also cause fear, tend to keep themselves, and others.

In examining the previous color, red color has proven to be counterproductive as it affects a person and mental skills. For example, in athletics. Athletes who compete face opponents who wear red are more likely to lose. "Color affects us in different contexts," said Elliot. Included also, why men and women tend to be attracted to the opposite kind who wear red shirts.

Red Increase Speed ​​and Strength
Given the enormous implications of the color of the reaction of a person, they are interested in doing research about the color red and the reaction that caused a reaction that is the strength and speed. They gathered 30 students in the experimental speed of opening sash. Just before they do dikasih guidance with their name written in red crayon or gray. Another experiment involving 46 students who have to "squeeze" handgrip as hard as possible should appear on the screen monitornya order. Order appears in red, blue, or gray.
In the second scenario, the color red increases the strength of the student volunteers in the experiment even up to full strength than when shown the color gray. For the handgrip test, not only increases strength but also speed the reaction. Results they concluded that the red color that can increase strength and speed

Red Increase Speed ​​and Strength

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