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The meaning of Color Psychology IN YOUR LIFE

The meaning of Color Psychology IN YOUR LIFE
The meaning of Color Psychology
What is your favorite color?, Each color has a significance and meaning. Colors have different meanings. Some experts explain the physiology and psychology are four primary colors: red, green, yellow and blue. Although it is not known why certain people like certain colors and color combinations. But clearly, each color has a character or nature of asthma are different. Even since the first color is known to have influence on people, but recently new applications have been utilized extensively in the automotive world, fashion, games and so on.

This color symbolizes the psychological circumstances that reduce energy, encourage the more rapid pulse, raise blood pressure and breathing speed up. This color has influence productivity, struggle, competition and courage

RED Light:
This color represents the strength of desire or ambition. Nature: Aggressive, Active, eccentric. Influence: strong-willed, passionate, domination, male.

This color symbolizes romanticism, feminine. This color has the properties claimed in the submission, adorable and witty.

This color represents the perfect tranquility. Has a calming effect on blood pressure, pulse, and breath. While all down, build the body's defense mechanisms of organisms.

This color symbolizes deep feelings. Nature: Concentration, cooperative, intelligent, flavorings, integrative. Influence: Calm, Wise, Not Easily Offended, many friends.

This color represents the elasticity of ambition. Nature: Lasting, protective, No change of mind. Influence: Hard Head, Robust, often Proud Self, Being fixed.

This color symbolizes happiness. This color has a capacity of liberal and relaxed, easy to procrastinate the problem. Variable but full of hope, a lofty ambition and enthusiasm is high.

This color symbolizes the eccentric spontaneity. Character: intolerant, investigative, Stand Out. Influence: Changing attitudes, have hope, philanthropist, do not believe.

This color symbolizes the presence of a desire, tenacity and hardness of the hearts. Having a hard and powerful personality. This color has the properties: increased sense of pride, feeling more superior than others. People who like this color generally praised happy, happy to advise others.

This color symbolizes life and therefore cease to affect the disappointment, death, darkness, destruction, damage and extinction.

This color often shows characteristics: love tap, do not like to give heart, less tolerant, pessimistic for the future well-being and happiness.

This color is a mixture of red and blue hard symbolize the fierce storm that is symbolized by the color blue. Unity between intimacy and erotic or lead a deep and sensitive understanding. Capacity slightly less rigorous, but always full of hope.
The meaning of Color Psychology IN YOUR LIFE

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