Thursday, February 23, 2012

if you are my destiny

if you are my destiny
if you are my destiny
My God, if she was my destiny,
nearness to ...

But if it was not my destiny,
destined ....

If he is not destiny with me,
then make our fate ...
If he is not my destiny, do not let him get another destiny,
but me .....

If he can not be ordained for me,
do not let him get another destiny,
let the same fate he did not like me ...

And when he has no destiny,
predestined us back ...
If he fate of others,
decide! destined to me ....

If he remains the fate of others,
let him meet destiny with another and
then again he was destined to me ...

       "Amen ...". 
I can not look at you

because sinarmu glare in my eyes

because your smile is too great to wujudku

I need time

I used to fall in love

sailing from port to port

to end up curled up in disappointment

it was not love

dressing only the desire and passion

The trail to a lake that is still foggy

I went through when the chickens have not started crowing

to find sosokmu

white berselendang third of the night to enjoy the warmth

I shudder to realize

This is not the desire or lust

I wanted to end my adventure

really just the adventure is over ...

I do not know ......

Let the future be a piece of statement

that I wanted to end benar2

jangkarku anchor in pelabuhanmu

to leave the past behind

cultivate the earth

plant love

weeding ego

rowing on the lake where you bathe

sky-roofed houses built on the edge

with you.
if you are my destiny

my other destiny with out you

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Qvae: If you are the honor of my love
This they call a second chance 
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