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Advice For My Beloved from Bung Karno

Advice For My Beloved from Bung Karno
The following is advice from the Bung Karno,
I specially dedicate to my beloved

1. "Give me the old 1000, will undoubtedly semeru I pulled from the roots, give me a boy, I'll surely shake the world".

2. "No one has to calculate: how lucky I got it later from the Republic, if I struggled and sacrificed to defend it". (Speech Anniversary of the Proclamation of 1956 Bung Karno).

3. "Make this my suffering as a testimony, that the power of a president even if there is a limit. Due to the lasting power is the power of the people. And above all is the power of God Almighty. "

4. "If someone is still inside there is a sense of shame and fear to do any good, then the security for the people he meets are not going to advance a single step".

5. "A great nation is a nation that respects the services of his hero." (Heroes' Day Speech 10 Nop.1961).

6. "My Struggle easier because repel invaders, but the struggles will be more difficult because of fighting your own people."

7. "Nations that do not believe in the power itself as a nation, can not stand as an independent nation." (Speech Anniversary of the Proclamation of 1963 Bung Karno).

8. ".......... Build a world where all nations live in peace and brotherhood ......" (Bung Karno).

9. "We do not live in the light of the full moon, we still live in the transition period, still eager eagle eagle". (Speech Anniversary of the Proclamation, 1949 Sukarno).

10. "Do not suppose we've all been quite a boon to the terms of the three colors. As long as there is mourning in the cabins we have not finished the job! Fight continues to pour as much-a lot of sweat. "(Speech Anniversary of the Proclamation, Bung Karno 1950).

11. "Word of God is gitaku, this is the Word of God must be Gitamu:" Innallahu la yu ma ghoiyiru bikaumin, hatta yu ma ghoiyiru biamfusihim ". "God does not change the fate of a nation before the nation was to change his fate" (Speech Anniversary of the Proclamation, Bung Karno 1964).

12. "Do not look to the future with blind eyes! The past is useful for a glass of Bengal in the days to come. "(Speech Anniversary of the Proclamation of 1966, Sukarno).

13. "Are we Weaknesses: Our weakness is that we lack confidence we as a nation, so that we become a nation of foreign plagiarist, less trusting of each other, but our home is the People's Mutual Aid" (Speech Anniversary Proclamation, Bung Karno 1966).

14. "I'm more like painting a bergelombangnya Ocean hit, mengebu passionate, from painting on a cool calm Tentrem fields," Kadyo siniram wayu lawase eight years "(Speech Anniversary of the Proclamation of 1964 Bung Karno).

15. "Men and women are as two wings of a bird. If two equally strong wings, the bird fly to the top of the highest, if one of the two broken wings, then it can be no birds to fly at all. "(Sarinah, pp. 17/18 Bung Karno)
Advice For My Beloved from Bung Karno
Advice For My Beloved from Bung Karno


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