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Shaping the character of education, with a good Educating

Shaping the character of education, with a good Educating

Teaching kids to count is good, but it is best to teach them what needs to be taken into account

Shaping the character of education
Education is the process of humanizing mankind. Picture of man to be achieved is a man of character, morals, as human beings and useful to others (Driyarkara). However, in reality the process of humanizing this man still has not materialized because of the imbalance in the process due to system errors are applied. Finally there inequality in the education process that produces the socialization process is not perfect.

Education systems in developing countries-including in our country-are still very consumptive and adaptive with developed countries. In the developing countries like Indonesia, now all people regardless of class or position considered as if everything in the developed countries should be followed and applied in our country so that we can survive, so did the education system. Eventually all of the system tends to emphasize the development of technology and intelligence without promoting overall human potential. As a result, the output of the system it spawns a greedy man, all the methods and follow the hedonistic lifestyle and almost instantaneous.

When this happens, in the midst of growing globalization, we will recall that Darwin's theory of natural selection can only adapt and master the environment was going to exist in the world. At issue, there is a discrepancy between the developing and developed countries. This discrepancy has yet to be found a bright spot solution.

Whether a country will survive without a strong identity? Our education system should be a process of humanization in fact ceased to be an educational process to pursue only standard of value and technology. Education as a process of humanization is reflected in the three ideas Ki Hajar Dewantara is in front of an example, in the middle behind the building and provide support. Essence and interpretation of these three concepts have now been abandoned.
This is a problem that has yet to be answered. Factor of importance is our lifestyle accommodating to the developed countries and the ruling was a decisive policy and process. Education we are still driven by certain people who have not moved to realize the real essence of education, but still carry a personal idealism respectively.
Indonesia and the current education system we are entering the early stages of a bright spot. Character education curriculum system implemented by inserting a human value in each subject may be a solution of our educational problems. Consistent character education will be a bright spot in the center of the model and our education system is being aggressively build academic and technological achievements, but gradually left the nation's character and self-image of our country.

The intrinsic meaning Shaping the character of education

Character education is a plus character education, which involves the aspects of knowledge (cognitive), feeling (feeling) and actions (action). With character education that is applied in a systematic and sustained, a child will be emotionally intelligent. Provision of emotional intelligence is important in preparing children to meet the future. Someone will be more easily and successfully deal with all kinds of life challenges, including challenges to succeed academically.

Character education will be adopted and included in the lesson plans prepared by each teacher and all subjects in order to emphasis the character can be built in any learning process. In this case the teacher must be very understanding of how that character education goals can be realized as well.

Independence is the freedom of creativity, work and argues for the people. No more oppressive and forced. To be developed is to provide direction and motivation and make the person can freely develop their potential.

By applying and shaping the character of each subject, such as responsibility, independence, patriotism, innovative, creative, tolerance, religious and forth every day to students, the students will get used and values ​​are gradually internalized character.

We must strive to maintain this system if you want a country completely free, no longer occupied by fine uncontrollable through cultural and national identity fade. Through our character education will be the nation's identity and strong character, not easily shaken solidarity and unity. Even more important is the education that can teach you about human values. With the values ​​of humanity, we can break away from the collapse of the nation's morality.
In addition to humanize the man, education is also a process of acculturation. Community should establish its own identity. We must maintain what we already have. To that end we have to build knowledge about the culture in the education sector, practice building our potential and to build relationships and community value system is good and fair.

Indonesian state ideology Pancasila, and rich in culture. If we hold it firmly in the revamping of the nation and we internalize in education, our society will be a full, solid and able to master our own country. In the future we are able to bring together the nation's welfare in the face of globalization and become a powerful country in the world that is not insulated.

Now, educators and prospective educators must be prepared to be educators who are intelligent and character to be exemplary students. Educators and prospective educators must strive to develop students' affective and cognitive abilities as well as provide space for students to develop and apply knowledge gained.

The hope that they might have to develop good self-motivation and good interpersonal relationships. The result, students will have a good character and useful in public life, to be whole human beings so as to achieve the level of humanizing mankind. Shaping the character of the nation is to create an essential liberty.

Shaping the character of education, with a good Educating


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