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When the Vikings defeated in Greenland: Educations article

When the Vikings defeated in Greenland

When the Vikings defeated in Greenland
Vikings. We've all known him, or heard the story of their conquest. Viking, is the famous rampart, adventurous, not afraid of death, and destroy anyone who gets in their. From Scandinavia, they expanded into the British Isles, Ireland, Iceland, and Greenland. And they had moved from Greenland to Canada and the areas that we now know as the United States, long before Columbus stepped foot on the new continent.

Although the Viking colony managed to survive in the UK, Ireland, and Iceland, they apparently failed to thrive in America. Vikings settled in Greenland is the first time - known as the Greenland Norse - it managed to survive 400 years in the region. Four hundred years is actually a pretty long time for expanding into the South American continent. But history proves America would eventually be owned by other European nations: Spain, Britain and France who arrived 400 years later. And if the Vikings had, the history of America and the world would have a totally different today.

What article? When the Vikings defeated in Greenland

When the Vikings defeated in Greenland
To find the root of the problem, we must trace to their failure in Greenland. Although they managed to survive 400 years, the Greenland Norse ultimately become extinct. At first glance, their extinction was caused by a radical climate change (from quite warm to the cold). But the explanation is very shallow, and also because there is one other interesting facts that should be listened to.

Adjacent to the Greenland Norse in Greenland for 400 years of Inuit Indians whose culture is more ancient than European civilization and barbarism that brought the Vikings. But after the Vikings lost, the Inuit survive until the next 400 years (until the other European nations to come). The advantages of civilization and technology were the Vikings lost to the Inuit are more modest. If the explanation of the disappearance of the Vikings because of climate change, why do the Inuit survive?

This is where the book Collapse Jared Diamond proposed a theory that is interesting. According to Diamond, the Vikings became extinct not because of losing the war with the Inuit, or because they are more inferior technology. In fact, the Vikings came up with the animals such as cows and goats that should give them more variety of food choices than the Inuit.

Diamond Conclusion: dicelakakan extinct Greenland Norse way of thinking and their own culture.

As immigrants from Scandinavia (especially Norway), the Vikings did not just come physically, but it brings with it the culture and the mindset of their ancestors in Norway. In fact, because of their isolation, the culture is stronger grip. As a nation known to be very conservative, they violently reject other cultures. As a result of those ways of thinking, the values ​​that brought them success in the old country (and continues to conquest in the UK and Ireland), regarded as a truth that can not be contested.

When the Vikings defeated in Greenland 
At the beginning they established settlements in Greenland, the weather conditions did not differ with Scandinavia, which is quite warm. They are also still able to maintain links with Scandinavia through the merchant ships that come regularly. But as Greenland climate change, ways of living and way of thinking that they had brought from Scandinavia it is harmful. Ships before coming regularly from Norway also stopped traveling due to bad weather.

For example, the Vikings as the European mainland at that time the majority of Christians. With their limited resources, development and maintenance of the church (and the lives of the priests) is a top priority. Merchant ships that docked to Greenland mostly carrying goods for the purposes of the church, rather than the needs of the many weapons such as iron or (to hunt or defend themselves if attacked by the Inuit).

The lifestyle is also very Euro-centric. Which is again in fashion in Europe will soon follow. No wonder, despite living in piercing cold temperatures, the women still prefer to wear a long dress with a jacket for the cool Adamnya, while the Inuit who have no fashion sense at all lightly dressed with the most suited to cope with winter: clothes from animal skins.

When the Vikings defeated in Greenland
Their conservative way of thinking also makes interest Greenland Norse refused to learn from the Inuit who think they are barbarians and lesser degree. As a result, how to hunt seals and whales that were developed by the Inuit failed to learn. Inuit is seen as the enemy (or at least the lower), rather than colleagues who can be invited to work together.

In addition to the theory of Diamond, according to my own conclusion, the failure to move to the South Viking none other than because they do not want to lose access to mainland Europe. In Greenland, at least they can still get a supply of goods to support their identity through the ships coming from Norway. But when they settled in the deeper regions (Canada, United States), they will lose access to it (because the sea lanes leading to those areas not yet known). Their trip to the region in the U.S. (as can be seen in the film Pathfinder), only a looting expedition in passing and not with the purpose of permanent conquest, and open land to settle there. The reason is what makes the name Christopher Columbus is known, and not as Erik the Viking adventurer Red.

So, what can we learn from When the Vikings defeated in Greenland story?

Connecting the story of Easter Island before (read here), the story of the failure of the Greenland Vikings could be our story too. Culture and values ​​that we bring it make life easier. We can live daily life without worrying what to do because it is programmed automatically by cultural values ​​and ways of thinking that we have learned many years.

But if conditions change, these values ​​can be a puzzle piece that is placed in the wrong place. Rather than make life easier, which happened just a disaster. For example, how many of us who still think we live in a world of abundance; that nature is to be conquered and exploited for the benefit of mankind; that other living beings on this earth is not entitled, or that efforts to save the earth is not our personal problems?
When the Vikings defeated in Greenland
When the Vikings defeated in Greenland: Educations article

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