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Not only the patient but need sincerity: Education Article

Not only the patient but need sincerity
Not only the patient but need sincerity 
Grow dimmer twilight glow of the sun, the birds return to their nests. The workers were increasingly sidelined to go home and get together with their families. School children are increasingly running because after today's lesson. But not the soul which had gone out, I just dreamy. And whether it has lost what once made me a spirit? Is not there anymore? Never mind, let's hope this is the best for me and all. He certainly knows the best for this servant like me, that I need. This evening stars shine not only makes the sky where I dwell into the light. There was no light energy from the earth, but the light of GOD who always shone. I could not turn away from this delicious

Despite the increasingly bright stars, hearts are not yet calm enough to return to continue this long journey. I need a stick that could lead me to my destination. Stick apart from THE ALMIGHTY, and his messenger. But stick that is able to show themselves this way for me now err one way. Wrong I want it? I was very vulnerable fragile whispers I really do not understand. Moreover, the eye is limited to knowing that is not visible, a heart that can not always be strong, far from perfect. The most perfect of human perfection just some dust from the Gobi Desert, then what am I? Bacteria may not be small enough to translate themselves.
When morning comes ka to give back hope? I hope it brings in the morning one day what I was looking for. Although similar, but I could not believe it's God's choice, the choice for this servant. But that morning never came, just in the morning with the sun glare that appears in front of this weak. Patience, it's who wants to show that morning from the divine to me. Oh wait a very short word of its meaning, it should be. Because patience will lead to eternal happiness in nature that has never seen. This long night I can not waste it with just grievances useless. Surely there are other things I can do, certainly a better thing than just complain.
It has always longed for a cool morning with the arrival of the joy, sound accompaniment that angels come down and ride. The angel who always dhikr to Him, which was a blessing in the morning HIM. For that I am prepared to welcome as much as himself to be the best, just for HIM. Unraveling the tear is not a humble, self because this was abject and sinful. Maybe all these tears can not change everything, but it was not anything even the slightest. Because I believed again HE Merciful Merciful. Surrender the place for all the problems, complain, and any form of indecision. I beg to mentor these little feet to tread.
Finally the sun came back, time to re-knit the joints to move to a direction. Never mind slowly etched original intention was clear and neat in itself. To the limit of my time to breathe O to replenish the blood stream, I would live this patient. There's no doubt about the fairness and the promise of the owner of this life. Remain knotted in the heart will not die despite the doubts. I go on this journey, step by step with the tempo rhythms interwoven beautifully. Because I also know my friends will not want to see me stop just like that. The power that I have also come together from what they have given me. Their sincerity can not right I wrote back, was to become their companion when they were unable to testify by word of mouth.
Just as the sun above your head, no one thought to despair. Work on yourself for who will or are in the face, there remains little of significance that should I find. Yourself back in time to face what are believed to return for overlooking the Great. To ask for strength from the lethargy of the soul, with all submission Him. And now I began to search for the science teachers I had never imagined before.

A caterpillar has taught me to be a real patient, which is very hard to do. To get what you want yourself a caterpillar willing to be patient long fasting and shut themselves in cocoons. What does the caterpillar in a cocoon? Caterpillars pray and plead with the Creator of what the wanted, namely a butterfly, with patience. No fast-btuh time for the caterpillar gets what he wants, but be patient it's a caterpillar on the show. After what he got was a caterpillar and then share the joy of all human beings are no exception. The new form of the caterpillar into the middle of an ornamental nature and spread happiness.

Snakes are met after I moved from a caterpillar who was showing patience. Along the snake I found the true meaning of the meaning of sacrifice. Snakes are known as quite a dangerous animal has a very unusual properties. Parent snake willing to die for her children's lives. The destruction of the parent to sacrifice his body to be announcing this natural beauty. Not the least there is a sense of purpose to what they care about, though later his son was no longer on his mind. The main one child living there, not revenge of the child.

Ants have been welcomed after I got my circumstances did not expect. Ants have never lived in solitude, is the main colony for them. I'm not there, but we are. Not only that, the ants always remembered his friends, where they will meet and greet each other in greeting. And with that they build up the strength to survive in a hostile environment with them. Like a brittle stick, which will be stronger when united. And no less great is the ants are able to discipline, up to form a long line without having to fight each other.

And I will go back to what I was thinking at first. For the evening back over my eyes, why so fast? I know the twilight's come, but why so soon come to me? Good heavens, it's self is not able to make what is known ahead of time. What I think the perch in a few moments it had possessed themselves. Although the body has not been able to deal with what happens, I'm trying to deal with. Though self-will erode slowly I was willing for the good of all. And if the evening did I have to sleep forever? Before I was able to realize in himself all that I received today?
The end of every trip a display is not the end of our strength that has been embedded. Despite this increasingly fragile self, but there are still many things that I do not know of nature's God. Until the natural sound quietly whispered to me would ask that the sentences I could not question first. The sun is always warm up the earth, the beauty of the rainbow that no one will lead to the earth. How do I explain this in a whisper while I do not understand? Growing dusk turns into a night out without the accompanying bitang as usual. Apparently it's true I'm not ready to accept it all, it could not live without a star that has to smile.
I closed my eyes to an end this evening with no weaknesses in the heart of things. I also do not know what my surprise when the angel of the morning I can still open the petals of this or not. I surrender everything to God, life, death, devotions, and all that I have in this world. Until now, to this day I will thank god favors. And covered all that I get only a hand of god.

Not only the patient but need sincerity 

Not only the patient but need sincerity 

Not only the patient but need sincerity
Not only the patient but need sincerity: Education Article
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