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Best Unique Tourist Attractions In South Korea

Best Unique Tourist Attractions In South Korea
Best Unique Tourist Attractions In South Korea
For the lovers of Korean dramas, South Korean tourist's dream vacation spot so. Here are some places that must be visited if you want to see first hand the set of your favorite drama serial and shopping, and historic sites in South Korea.

Winter Sonata fans, must come to Nami Island. The island is located in the area of ​​Chuncheon, Gangwon-do. If you do not want to hard to reach this island there are bus tours that depart from Insadong, Seoul, at 9:30 and return at 16.00. PP bus ticket price of 15 thousand Won or about Rp 120 ribu.Untuk go to the island, visitors must pay a ticket for 10 thousand Won. But for foreign tourists to get a discount of 8 thousand Won or about USD 64 thousand.

On this island, you can see instantly anywhere Choi Ji-woo and Bae Yong Joon, the two main character Winter Sonata, making love to each other. For example, the forests where they go for a walk. Scenery in this place is really romantic.

Daejanggeum Theme Park located in the Gyeonggi-do and is the first theme park that was built for a serial drama. Loyal fans serial Jewel in the Palace must come to this place.

In this tourist area, visitors can take pictures at various locations filming Jewel in The Palace, the royal style and taste foods to see filming properties. Visitors can take pictures with royal attributes.

Admission price this place is five thousand Won (adult). To achieve Daejanggeum Theme Park, you can ride one of the subway line and get off at the station Yangju Culture Valley MBC Yangjoo.

Fans of the series Meteor Garden was the Korean 'Boys Over Flowers' (BBF). And shopping complex in Seoul is the largest tourism is one of the set of series, starring Lee Min Ho's.

Filming took place at BBF place Lotte Hotel World. There is a shooting location when Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun-Joong) held a welcome party for her boyfriend, Min Seo-hyeon.

In addition to the set could see your favorite series, in this place you can go shopping. There is also a Disneyland-style amusement here. Place ice skating at Lotte World is also one of the set of the series 'Stairway to Heaven'. To achieve the Lotte World, you can use two subway line and get off at Jamsil station.

N Seoul Tower is located atop Mount Namsan, Seoul. There are two well-known series is filmed on location here is Boys Before Flowers and Princess Hours. In the tower that was built since 1969, visitors can see the set as Gu Jun-pyo (Lee Min Ho) waiting for Jan-di. At that Jun-pyo out with Jan-di but ended up trapped in the gondola on the way to N Seoul Tower.

As for the Princess Hours, this is where there is Teddy Bear Museum. The museum is the set of scenes Chae-Gyeong streets with the future king's grandmother Lee Shin.

If you want to visit the Teddy Bear Museum, you had to pay eight thousand Won. But if you go to N Seoul Tower, tickets to 14 thousand Won. To go to this place there are a few ways, first by using the Seoul City Tour Bus is around every 30 minutes. Both the sub way up from line three or four and get off at Chungmuro ​​station. Then you exit through a no. 2 and take the Namsan Shuttle Bus in front of Daehan Cinema.

You also can ride a cable car to get to N Seoul Tower. To ride the cable car, you can ride the subway line and get off at Myeongdong four exit 3. Then the road to Hotel Pacific for about 10 minutes to get to the cable car station.

Myeongdong is a favorite location for tourists to Seoul. In this place there are plenty of places to shop from local brands to international brands such as H & M, Gap and Uniqlo. Famous Korean cosmetic outlets such as Face Shop, Etude and also scattered here. A variety of international fast food restaurants like McDonald's and KFC can be found in Myeongdong.

At Myeongdong too you can see the set of two serial drama is Princess Hours and Boys Before Flowers. For Princess Hours, this is where Lee Shin and Chae-Gyeong kissing. While the Boys Before Flowers, there is a restaurant here that is filmed on location in The Farmer's Table. Myeongdong is a subway line 4 and get off at the blue Myengdong Station.

This second place is well known throughout Asia as a center for wholesale antero Korean goods. Can be reached by subway line 4 blue got off at Dongdaemun. This is a huge complexes with more than 30,000 stores and great all open almost 24 hours. No need to fear because we do not need wholesale bali unit.

As the largest and oldest market in Seoul, Namdaemun is a blend of traditional and modern market is very strong. Street hawkers selling Korean specialty items while on either side of many modern goods sellers. Sold very diverse ranging from fashion goods, household appliances to accessories.

Namdaemun is located close to Myeongdong, so to get there you can use the blue subway line 4 or green subway line 2 Euljiro 1ga station.

9. Insadong is the best Tourist Attractions In South Korea

Here is the place to find handicraft trinkets Korea from Hanbok (Korean typical clothes) until Hanji (Korean traditional paper). In the market there is also a ceramic Insadong, Korea typical green tea and various other unique products.

Traditional breath is felt along the road about 700 meters of this. A cross between a cafe and shop in this place a little reminiscent of a street in Seminyak Bali. For here lived the subway line 3 colors orange and got off at Anguk.

10.Changdeokgung is the best Tourist Attractions In South Korea
Changdeok palace is the palace of the Joseon Dynasty in Seoul. Changdeokgung means "Palace of Virtue Gemilang.Sampai now, is admired for its inherited complex architectural elements of the Three Kingdoms Period in harmony with nature. This approach is not encountered in the construction of Gyeongbok Palace. Together Hwaseong Fortress, the Palace Changdeok preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in in 1997.

Best Unique Tourist Attractions In South Korea

Best Unique Tourist Attractions In South Korea

Best Unique Tourist Attractions In South Korea

Best Unique Tourist Attractions In South Korea

Best Unique Tourist Attractions In South Korea

Best Unique Tourist Attractions In South Korea

Best Unique Tourist Attractions In South Korea
Best Unique Tourist Attractions In South Korea: Unique Tourist

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