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Community Festival of Vampires Suck Blood Ritual in the UK

Community Festival of Vampires Suck Blood Ritual in the UK
Community Festival of Vampires Suck Blood Ritual 
Hundreds of people dressed in all black with often seen gathered in a clearing in the UK. Looks like a bunch of people who would like to see rock festivals, they turned out to the community 'vampire' who met for mutual suck blood.

They get together every month to take blood directly from the body among members. Underground movement of blood suckers has reached 3,000 people.

Engineers Pyretta Blaze, 24, said get-togethers were monitored monthly vampire vampire's head, known as elders. "From the little I had to drink blood and express themselves as vampires," he said as quoted from the pages of The Sun.

"I hope to always be present at the meeting, so I can enjoy the fresh blood as a backup for the next month," he said.

The elders usually wear masks to hide their identity, it also gives lessons in where and how to safely extract the blood. "The elders teach us how to suck in order to leave no scar."

For him, can enjoy the fresh blood is an amazing experience. He even felt like really been born again and feel more energetic after drinking the blood.

Pyretta say that people who attend the odd meeting has been through psychological tests by the elders. This was done to control the mental health of its members. "Being a vampire is a serious commitment."

"Elders need to know that people who come to this meeting not only the children who's obsessed with movies. We all wrestle very seriously our lifestyle and are always involved in this ritual. And being a vampire is a lifetime commitment. "

According to him, many of the members of vampires who come bring a friend who has committed that they would be willing to drink his blood. "I have a lady friend and I enjoyed his blood and he was happy to give blood," he said.

According to him, consumed blood is very safe, because all the people attending the ritual must have a sexually transmitted infection tests, including hepatitis and HIV. Each ritual has always involved a nurse or doctor.

Throughout the summer, the vampire has always held a meeting in tents in the land pertania. There, there is a tent cleaning for sterilization equipment to ensure the safety of the user. Tools used include knives, razor blades and ceramic canines used to suck blood.

While during the winter, this ritual is usually performed in the manor house. "A number of nobles in UK also had its share being part of this group."

Pyretta feel that he has the desire to drink blood from the age of ten, when he began reading books on witchcraft in the local library. "I decided magic is something I want to follow my life."

Pyretta said, "We always suck the blood, especially of the neck, chest, arms, shoulders, or legs are aspirated using a sharp fangs to suck blood. It really makes me like a vampire. "
Community Festival of Vampires Suck Blood Ritual in the UK
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