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Pamplona San Fermin Festival: Feast and Bull Shootout With Guts

Pamplona San Fermin Festival: Feast and Bull Shootout With Guts

Pamplona San Fermin Festival
Currently in the city of Pamplona, ​​Spain from September 6 until July 14 ongoing annual San Fermin festival which is also called a bull running festival of Pamplona (Pamplona bull running) because it treats the release presents a number of the bison were herded somewhere to run as far as approximately 825 meters towards the end of the arena sduah determined. On this occasion, the tourists from all over the world can participate in a test run with the guts and courage of these bulls. As a lively festival, the event was held for nine days is filled with endless parties, music, dancing, drinking, fireworks, etc., but also shows a duel between matador fighting a bull, and ate the meal-fed bison meat in the evening.

Festival of San Fermin in Pamplona town started on July 6 at noon at the Casa Consistorial balcony, where thousands of people using and carrying a red neck tie typical festival gathered in the town square waiting for the official announcement from the mayor that the festival begins, which is also characterized by rocket launch. Then the feast began. The people shouted, jumping up and down, and a wide range of water sprayed into the air and into the mouth, including alcohol-colored. The first day of the event is also known as Chupinazo.

Pamplona San Fermin Festival
The release of bison do the show every day for 8 times. Beginning with the first rocket firing marks the opening of the gate barrier bull, which was followed by the invocation of the participants to the San Fermin. The second rocket indicates that the bulls have started to move, and the meaning of the participants (wearing a red neck ties) who co-ran with the bulls should get ready and start the action. Within an interval of 3 minutes more of this, sometimes the participants dropped and trampled by bulls weighing over half a ton of this. There also are on the horns, and tergenjet bull. The third rocket signifies all the bulls have entered the arena, and the rocket procession marking the end of the fifth bull run. Bulls would be killed in the end and can be eaten meat in restaurants city at night.

Festival of San Fermin in Pamplona has a long history, which can be referred to the 13th century AD. But only after 1926, became popular in the world after mentioned in the novel "The Sun Also Rises" by American author, Ernest Hemingway. Each year approximately 1.5 million tourists from around the world attend this festival, far exceeding the population of the city is only 200 thousand people.

The festival is also inseparable from a variety of criticisms, both related to safety, as well as criticism from the animal lover. Each year an average of 200-300 people were injured in bull run while the procession is always enhanced safety standards.

Since 1924, there were also 15 people died, including the participants who ran in a drunken state. Recent deaths of two years ago in which a 27-year-old Spanish citizen died after a bull gored in the chest, tore neck, heart, and lungs.

Pamplona San Fermin Festival: Feast and Bull Shootout With Guts
Why Angry Bull when Seeing Red Color?

Pamplona San Fermin Festival
On the arts in Spanish bullfight, the matador red cloth spread (muleta) which makes a bull angry and butting the muleta. However, do you know why the bull angry when he saw the color red?

Actually bison and other animals can not even see the color red. Actually, the bull does not feel disturbed about the color of the muleta, but the movement that plays the matador makes the bull muleta is disturbed.

Still do not believe it? in 2007, Discovery Channel did three experiments to a bull. First they put three flags in front of the bull. The third flag is red, blue and white. Instantly the bull butting third straight flag regardless of the color of the flag. Next they put three stuffed with the same color as the flag that had been, and no doubt the bull into a rage and three dolls are butting up mercilessly.

Last experiment is to place a person volunteers who wore a red dress in the bull pen. Put his side two cowboys who roamed around the bull. At the end of the bull chasing the cowboy is, regardless of the red-shirted volunteers.

Thus, a bull can not see the color red. However, why Muleta red? There are actually held by the matador whip reversed muleta. And muleta hide a terrible thing of the bullfighting art: color red bull muleta cover the splattered blood.
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Now we know why Barcelona is now banned bullfighting.
Pamplona San Fermin Festival: Feast and Bull Shootout With Guts


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