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Spectacular Festival in Pamplona, Bulls In Pamplona - Its Great Spain Festival

Spectacular Festival in Pamplona, Bulls In Pamplona - Its Great Spain Festival

Visit Pamplona is true that Spain is a beautiful country and it is also true that it is one of the most visited country in the world. However, problems arise for tourists who want to have as a tourist destination but do not know which villages, towns or cities in which to choose. Well, in an effort to help you, I highly recommend Pamplona.
Pamplona is a city full of history and culture, a city which has succeeded in combining the old and the new harmony. Monuments, cuisine and beautiful surroundings but the festival is truly unique. You probably know that Pamplona was associated with a unique tradition of bullfighting. This is why the Festival of San Fermin is also the most important for the city. This festival attracts thousands of tourists and participants each year and attracts millions of viewers who live in front of the TV to see the full spectacle of adrenaline running the bulls through the streets of the city. This festival is one that is hard because every year the blood and tears came, but the tradition was continued because the festival is part of the country's cultural heritage. End up walking in the arena is located, and afternoon host some of the most interesting corridas that occur throughout the year. Tradition states the festival is kept on July 7, without exception, it is the rule that people want to stay, because it is their way to identify with the festival and the idea of ​​keeping them alive. However, the show does not end on July 7 nights for the whole week is packed with a party that involves a lot of good music and dancing and drinking. May 25 The other host is important for the Pamplona festival, this time a festival that celebrates the old dances, people call it Baile de la Era and Estella is a spectacular village that hosts it. The June 24 to bring a day of celebration for the pilgrims who meet in large groups in front of a cave in Yanci in order to purify the bath. Religious people think that the water can cure many diseases. Pamplona is a beautiful city in Spain, one of which should be on your list at least once in your lifetime, so make sure you visit this site!

Spectacular Festival in Pamplona, Bulls In Pamplona
Pamplona has a long history, founded in the first century by the Romans as a camp in which to keep their eyes on Basque settlement near Iruna. Located in the valley of the River Arga in the shadow of the Pyrenees, Pamplona is an eclectic mix of old and new. The city is the capital of the province of Navarre, and famous around the world for the Fiesta of San Fermin company that displays the annual bull run 'is spectacular.

Fiesta is renowned for supplying two things in abundance: bulls and alcohol. However, it is very important that you do not mix the two! Brought to the attention of the world by Ernest Hemingway, and more recently featured in the popular 1991 Hollywood movie City Slickers; top of the Fiesta San Fermin Bull Run is the most obvious.

Spectacular Festival in Pamplona, Bulls In Pamplona
The Encierro, as is known, takes place every morning at 8:00 from 7 to 14 July each year. Bulls to be used in bullfighting is released to the street that night. There are no forms or applications on a waiting list for those who want to run with the Bulls in Pamplona, ​​anyone can take part. You simply choose a course at 830 meters, about half a mile long, well in advance. Wooden fence marking the course and 08:00 on the dot every morning rocket is released to remind everyone to be let out of the bull. After all the bull has released a second rocket off. Then the fun begins.

Anyone who has ever attended a Encierro will put a run with the bulls as one of the most exciting thing they ever did. If you decide to run with the bulls in Pamplona is the most important thing to remember is that somehow, even if you are an Olympic runner, you can not beat them. It is best to have at least 50 meters ahead of the beast raging and ready to jump the fence when you start running out of breath and they are getting closer!

Get accommodation in Pamplona around festival time can be challenging! Most people book up to at least one year in advance, or opt for camping, sleeping in their cars or just stay up all night making the most of the celebration!

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Get no problems with regular cheap available flights to Bilbao, 70 miles away, or San Sebastian, within 40 miles. They are a better option than flying direct to Pamplona for Iberia only really flies in there and the costs often exceed the comfort of the flight landed in the city.

In addition to the long bull Fiesta and there are two other sites in Pamplona records, Plaza del Castillo, and 17th-century fort, the Ciudadela.

Are you going to the thrills of Fiesta, to experience sights and sounds of Pamplona or both, you will not be disappointed. This part of Spain offers a man-made and natural beauty in the same amount and extends a warm welcome all visitors.
Spectacular Festival in Pamplona, Bulls In Pamplona - Its Great Spain Festival

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