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Most Unique Food Festival in the World: unique tourist

Most Unique Food Festival in the World
Eating is a human need to live, but in some tenpat in the World, Eat a unique festival, which can be made pariwista to fill the holiday,
And the following is the most unique food festival in the world.
1. La Tomatina, Buñol, Spain Most Unique Food Festival
La Tomatina, Buñol, Spain Most Unique Food Festival 
When it comes to food fights, all must be subject to the grand-daddy of them all, La Tomatina in Buñol, Spain. Every year on December xx, the city was flooded by the tsunami as the air rapidly changing tomato red reddish in color and fragrant with the heady aroma of the sauce. As the poster child of the outdoor food fight, La Tomatina is widely reported in the media world and has become as well-known as the Running Of The Bulls in Pamplona - Spain too, but less tasty.

2. La Tomatina en Reno, Reno, NV, USA Most Unique Food Festival
La Tomatina en Reno, Reno, NV, USA
Who love the tomato fight? Everyone loves a tomato fight! They have - or we will not be no one, not two, but THREE great Mato 'massacre made our list of Top 10 Food Fights. We'll lead off with the La Tomatina en Reno, by far the sloppiest events in the "Biggest Little City in the World". Inspired by the original Tomatina food fight in Bunol, Spain, Reno version of the game 5,000 participants and 100,000 pounds of tomatoes - and everyone is the winner!

3. La Raima Grape Throwing Festival, Pobla del Duc, Spain Most Unique Food Festival
La Raima Grape Throwing Festival, Pobla del Duc
Welcome to Spain, we hope you bring a change of clothes! This counsel is especially important if you're considering a visit to the town of Pobla del Duc, less than an hour from Valencia, about last Friday in August. If you find yourself in there, note the steady procession of trucks full of wine - they are not bound for storage or processing plant. Between 40 and 90 tons of locally grown grapes Garnacha Tintorera in off-load in the town square and as for what happens next ... remember the classic wine-throwing scene from I Love Lucy? Multiply by about a thousand.
4. Custard Pie World Championships, Coxheath, UK Most Unique Food Festival
Custard Pie World Championships, Coxheath, UK
Marx Brothers fans and Blazing Saddle can live out their pie in the sky fantasy by attending Custard Pie World Championships in Coxheath, England. No, this is not a bake-off, nor is it an athletic competition judged by the distance and accuracy. Imagine a large, open giant games using paintball, paintballs eaten ... and for those who object, saying they let us eat cake!
5. La Tomatina, Sutamarchan, Colombia Most Unique Food Festival

 La Tomatina, Sutamarchan, Colombia
When the Sutamarchan, do as Sutamarchanians do ... and was put on the greatest EVAR Colombia, messy food fight and tomatoiest. The event was held on June 14 this year, featuring hundreds of locals and tourists who gathered at the old football (soccer) field and went on to launch 15 tons of tomatoes into the sky. Of course, what goes up must come down. Such as La Tomatina en Reno, La Tomatina in Sutamarchan inspired by the famous Tomatina Buñol, Spain. Colombian version adds some variation, however, such as adding a tomato-eating contest and the competition for the biggest tomato - the first we assume that following the second.
6. Els Enfarinats, Ibi, Spain Most Unique Food Festival

Els Enfarinats, Ibi, Spain
Food fight fans should be sure to not miss the annual festival in Enfarinats Els Ibi, Alicante, Spain, and they should be especially sure to arrive BEFORE the main event and not after ... if you think it smells rotten tomatoes, imagine after a big meal and egg battle. The place should smell for weeks, and it's no yolk.
7. Batalla del Vino (Wine Fight Throwing), Haro, La Rioja, Spain Most Unique Food Festival

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 What began as a land dispute to the 13th century has evolved into an annual Batalla del Vino (Wine Throwing Fight), because who in their right mind would dispute some of the land for 700-odd years unless they're drunk on the local plonk? Let the fun-loving citizens of Haro in La Rioja, Spain, to come to the festival is "full-bodied" is, at its end, look at all the people involved are involuntarily inducted into the Purple Gang.
Most Unique Food Festival in the World
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