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Hanabi Takai, grandest Fireworks Festival in Japan

Hanabi Takai, grandest Fireworks Festival in Japan
Hanabi Takai, grandest Fireworks Festival in Japan
Fireworks are synonymous with the festive days. For example, new year celebration, a celebration of summer, and other celebrations. In one celebrated case, feels incomplete if not accompanied by fireworks.
That is what the Japanese nation to celebrate the feast is accompanied by a magnificent fireworks and Hanabi Takai the solution.
In moments of summer, the Japanese people are busy preparing for the celebration of fireworks  Hanabi Takai . Many thousands to tens of thousands of fireworks are prepared to celebrate the summer party.

At the time of celebrating  Hanabi Takai , Japanese people, especially women in droves wearing traditional Japanese clothing, namely Yukata or summer kimono.
In addition to wearing traditional clothes, Japanese people were flocking to wear clothes that interesting utntuk enjoy Hanabi party and certainly attract the attention of the tourists who come.
Takai Hanabi party also has the characteristic, that is, when tens of thousands of fireworks lit, it will be seen the ocean motif of colorful flowers and other motifs that seemed to be missed.
Takai Hanabi party takes about 60-90 minutes. This time is enough to spoil the eye with colorful motifs and colorful and the sounds of the fireworks explosion in the air that adds to the lively party atmosphere Hanabi.
History Hanabi
In ancient times, Hanabi party intended and can be enjoyed only by certain people and society. Usually fireworks lit as a sign of closing after a luxurious grand banquet.
However, around the 18th century precisely in the Edo period, a new Hanabi party can be enjoyed by all people in Japan without exception. That's all thanks to the artists of fireworks, which together Kagiya assistant named Tamaya.
Both artists fireworks were very persistent in pursuing a career in fireworks. A wide range of new innovations to create and develop their work.
Fireworks efforts originally pioneered by Kagiya only in 1659. But after the business has grown, employing Kagiya Tamaya as his assistant.
Among Kagiya and Tamaya, clashing their new innovations in creating motives fireworks. And in sum, Tamaya innovation to beat the innovation of senior Kagiya.
Not satisfied with the old innovation, Kagiya try again to create another new creations. However, at the Tamaya Kagiya and show his new creations in their village, saying the fate of others.
They fail and cause the creation of the houses in the village burned by fireworks Kagiya creation and Tamaya, and they were then expelled from his village because it has been regarded as the destroyer of the village. Any career that has been initiated by Kagiya and Tamaya bankruptcy.
But, thanks to the efforts Kagiya and Tamaya's now able to watch a party of Japanese Hanabi magnificent with stunning motifs.
Hanabi grandest
Hanabi party store is a lot of pomp in presenting a variety of entertainment in the form of fireworks and Hanabi party usually held in open places. But there are some Hanabi festival held in closed places. Hanabi and grandest party following:
1. Jingu Hanabi
Jingu Hanabi is celebrated in a basball stadium named Jingu stadium. Named Jingu Hanabi Hanabi because the party was celebrated at Jingu stadium located at the center of Tokyo.
2. Koshien Hanabi
Just like Jingu Hanabi, Hanabi held at Koshien Stadium koshein. Koshein Hanabi Hanabi is the grandest celebrations in the city of Osaka. The stadium can accommodate 100,000 spectators came to watch the Hanabi party.
3. Edogawa Hanabi Takai
Hanabi party in this place is very difficult to get a seat to witness the festive fireworks. Before coming to the celebration of Edogawa  Hanabi Takai , Japanese residents quickly booked a seat to be occupied at the party later Hanabi.
When ordering seats in the stadium, the people of Japan just to keep his seat with a base or a board marked with the name. They could not worried because the harmony between Japanese sangatah closely so that they who have booked seats do not feel worried.
When the festival comes Hanabi, who had packed the stadium crowd cheering with joy when fireworks exploded in the air with splendor.
Not only in the stadium, outside the stadium was no less hysterical at the sight of exploding fireworks. Those who are outside the stadium is a Japanese citizen who witnessed the Hanabi party for free because he was in the stadium.
4. Okazaki Fireworks Festival
Hanabi party is done every year in August, the first Saturday. This party was held at the riverside with boats pretty much be accompanied by a lantern which further adds to crowded Hanabi party. Fireworks will begin when the sun begins to set.
Hanabi Takai, grandest Fireworks Festival in Japan


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