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Education article: Success only comes from those who do not have a feeling lazy.

Success only comes from those who do not have a feeling lazy.
Success only comes from those who do not have a feeling lazy.

Qvae beginning of its establishment is to build an educated individual personally. Qvae dream of is to give education that can be easily reached by the whole world. qvae want to play the intellectual world of the young through education. but qvae realize an education would never succeed if every individual has a lazy nature. Let's create a success with qvae.
Success only comes from those who do not have a feeling lazy.

Lazy, is one of the countries Indonesia is lagging behind other countries, especially its relationship with the Human Resources (HR). For example, do not be far-distant past to Europe, but is close to first as Malaysia or Singapore that is geographically widespread and the country's natural wealth is much different from Indonesia, but much different in terms of "human", but once students and teachers from Malaysia come to Indonesia to learn to deepen their knowledge.

Can mean many things lazy, lazy learning (a common occurrence in the student) or lazy in the scope of the universal that is lazy in doing something, but it was a feeling lazy nature of God and we must be sure that the gift of God is always there is no benefit, just that the problem lies on how we cope with these lazy, try to take advantage or the wisdom of our handling of feeling lazy and learn to see from a better perspective.

It can be described as lazy our belief that there are times increased and sometimes decreased. But it turns out that continuously trained and organized faith can be increased or at least not decrease. Well .. well as with the lazy, the way we are regularly followed by a consistent method of doing or how to cope with feeling lazy, God willing feeling lazy can be overcome and it is quite possibly could turn into a diligent ..

I was so inspired by my friend who said something like, "wah .. if there are not lazy, that's great". Meaning of the words that people are lazy with the industrious, successful and failure are both spend 24 hours per day, which distinguishes only the management and utilization of time. There are several ways to overcome the lazy, among them are:

1. Multiply the reading

This type of reading can vary, books, comics, novels or magazines because here are not concerned in advance whether or not it is good book to read, but the important thing is correct first, and right in order to form the habits and characteristics are not lazy because then it would a personality and character. The impact of reading is that we will think more "distant" and will feel the loss if we do not make effective and time wasted in vain because it has been used to streamline the time is always the right way. DR. Aidh Al-Qarni in his book "La Tahzan" write "knowledgeable and insightful, mastering many scholarly theories, the original thinking, understand the issues and arguments of those little feet are stout factors that can help create the spaciousness of the heart. People who are knowledgeable are people who were thinking and free-spirited shady ". As for the implementation of the reading can be by teaching, writing, etc..

After we read that right, then get a good level so that a "reading is right and good". Good here means reading books that are useful and well of course as a book about personal development, science and religion, rather than as comic books, novels, magazines, etc.. information is not usually valid for a period of time and certainly in terms of benefits and content of different weights with a good book earlier.

And if after reading you want to have the spirit, read books about people who are successful or famous figures, usually after reading a book like that, come the spirit to come forward and want to be successful like them or even exceed them. Is not this life must always be dynamic and constantly increasing as we often hear the hadith "Whoever is worse today than yesterday so he is the person who is cursed, anyone who is today the same as the previous day he will perish, and whoever today better than yesterday so he is the one who approves or given by God's grace ".

2. Mind games.

Anyway, when we want to do something and suddenly emerge feeling lazy, do not ever say or think negative like "I'm tired, do not seem to be true". Better to think positive like "Sure you can, definitely crowded, come on .. the spirit of the spirit, etc.. Because after all the energy used for the negative with the positive thinking that is equal the same alias, so is not it better if we just put positive thoughts only. brain will automatically receive the commands and input from us. If the lazy-minded, it would continue to be lazy, our brain will look for the reason that we become lazy. "What do you think will become a reality" (Quantum Learning). Then if we do something that should fit the mood and the mood is not there just lazy, I assure you will not be perfect, should the mood or not, just do it. It is precisely the mood that comes when we're doing an activity, rather than before the activity will be carried out. problem is only the appearance of mood a reason for hiding it will feel lazy. So bottom line just do it and always think positive, it will make your life brighter .. feeling lazy will never be lost if we continue to think lazy and just wait lazily away. As the slogan of one of the shoes , Just Do It.!

3. Having a goal

Life can be likened to a ship and we are the captains. If a captain does not have a purpose and do not want to have clarity of where the ship was taken, then the ax will only be swayed by the waves and just follow where the water flows. With the goal we have a dream and will exert efforts to achieve these objectives by which the lazy will eliminated.

It is this loss of life like a ship that was, just follow where running water, no clarity. Life is too precious to be wasted, as the wise "the future is what we do today". Continue if we are lazy to guess how it would continue to be our future. The more we do the more obvious our identity. Then to resolve lazy, we also must always be self-introspection that we may continue to renew themselves and correct the errors we have made. And do not forget to always think ahead. Please lazy idle now, but we also must be ready and courageous to suffer the consequences one day, khan what we sow so shall you reap. Remember, it is our leaders ourselves!.

4. Pray

Although the spirit of a passionate, well read, and continue to seek ways to eliminate the lazy, still, if without his permission, they will never succeed. That we might not be a proud people, many - many are praying because prayer is a hope that will make us always motivated, especially psychologically. Words - words spoken in prayer will become a positive thinking for us. So what do we do when we pray? the answer is endeavor. We can not just pray alone without an effort. Responsibility as a form of prayer is our earnest endeavor to give the prayer. Afterwards, our sole trust that mean giving up any matters to - him. We must realize that we are full of limitations, we can only try and pray while the Lord is right to decide. Of course that our prayers were granted, a necessary condition is to diligently serve ..

Keep in mind that there really was an industrious man with a lazy, not clever with the stupid, because we were all superior beings, think before we were born into this world we're competing with millions of sperm, and we who came out the winner.

Perhaps there are many other ways, but hopefully the above methods can eliminate or at least relieve us lazy. But everything is back to ourselves for feeling lazy will continue to haunt our own if there never was a strong desire to eliminate them.

Success only comes from those who do not have a feeling lazy.

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