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how to build a harmonious home and happy

how to build a harmonious home and happy
how to build a harmonious home and happy

Harmony is a blend of different colors that make up the character of the existence of the power of an object. The combination is what makes the color of whatever could fit into a series of beautiful and harmonious.

Black, for example, if standing alone would create the impression of bleak and cold. Very few people liked the black color independently. But, if combined with white, will provide its own style that can eliminate the impression was bleak and cold. The combination of black and white when laid out nicely, will give the impression of dynamic, passionate, and warm.

how to build a harmonious home and happy
Such was the household should be managed. Household is a blend of various colors of characters. There are characters of men, women, children, and even in-laws. And not a single person in this world who can guarantee that all the characters were completely perfect. There must be advantages and disadvantages.

Well, that's where harmony. Would not form a beautiful rhythm in the absence of harmony between the low and high tones. High-low tone was able to give birth to millions of beautiful songs.

In the household, all the advantages and disadvantages of each chime. Sometimes the husband a low-pitched, sometimes high-pitched wife. This is where a husband and wife are required to create harmony by filling gaps in between them.

how to build a harmonious home and happy, namely:

1. Do not look back to build a harmonious home and happy

how to build a harmonious home and happy
Do not ever bring up the reasons as early marriage. "Why would I want to accept that time wrote, huh? Why did not I refuse? "Throw away this track mind. The move will result in no change. Instead, it will bring disharmony that started from a trivial problem becomes complicated and tangled. If a sense of regret to go on, it is also possible disharmony lead to divorce.

Therefore, face the reality that we face today. This is our problem. Do not run away from a problem with looking back. Or imagine another figure outside of our partners. This will open the door to increasingly vicious poison our minds.

2. Thinking objectively to build a harmonious home and happy

Sometimes, the conflict could drag other things that really are not involved. This occurs because emotional conflicts to be addressed by. Moreover, already involves a third party who knows the internal problem is not the whole household. Try the localization problem in the fence. Be great if the mapping is done with the cooperation issues both parties to the dispute. Of course there will be a core problem that needs to be addressed.
how to build a harmonious home and happy

For example, the problem is less income than the husband. Do not drag the issue to be addressed so that the other emotional. For example, a husband who is not seeking money or incompetent husband was accused of being lazy. If this happens, the reverse reaction occurs. Husband will shout that the wife nagging, materialistic, and less understanding. And to be objective, the problem of lack of income can be handled with the cooperation of all parties in the household. There is a possibility, too, earning wives, even self-reliance as well as train the children.

3. See excess pair, do the opposite to build a harmonious home and happy

To foster a sense of optimism, look at the advantages of our partners. Do not vice versa, to bring up the deficiencies they have. Imagination of an object, depending on how we put the point of view. May be materially and physically, our partners have many shortcomings. It was hard to find the excess. But, this is where the unique marriage. How can a husband and wife who love each other can not have more than one child.

Mean, there are one or two advantages that we hide from our spouses. At the very least, he's sincere intentions in assisting us because God has a matchless advantages. Excellent value in the sight of Allah. Well, that's where we look. Over time, any shortcomings of our partners that are equipped with the advantages we have. Instead of dropping or weakening the spirit of change.

4. Mutual trust to build a harmonious home and happy

Without mutual trust between couples, marriage would not be running smoothly. How can it be smooth if the husband or wife is always watching our movements since disbelief that? What emerged was anxiety, suspicion, fear, never at peace, and so forth. In the end, you both just blame each other and accusing. Mutual trust will lead you to feel safe and comfortable. The key, do not waste your husband's trust given. No need to suspect the husband's wife, and vice versa, is also no need to suspect the husband and wife. Build mutual trust is also a manifestation of a mature love.

5. Sex needs to build a harmonious home and happy

Marriage without sex can be spelled like vegetables without salt. Bland. Yes, sex is necessary. And although sexual activity is actually intended for procreation, but humans have to also develop a sex to be happy with his life partner. Sexual activity would in total surrender, surrender to each his or her spouse so that the deeper the relationship nurtured. Unequal sexual activity will be a serious problem for the husband and wife. Cranky, bickering, and ahkan seeking an outlet on the outside, the result that usually appears when this one came about.

Principles of good sex is the openness and honesty in expressing your individual needs. In essence, sexual activity is to satisfy each other, but to avoid the appearance of exploiting the pair. Sex is fun activity will have a positive impact for both of you.

6. Avoid third-party to build a harmonious home and happy

Married life is its own autonomy, which should not be interfered with by others, let alone a third party. The presence of a third party to interfere or affect the authority and into the family, could create a disaster for the household. Many examples of families ruined because a third party come to play in it. Whether the interference-in-law, brother-in-law, beloved mistress, neighbors, and so forth. So, if you want your domestic life of lasting happiness, as best he could avoid third party intervention.

7. Keeping the romance to build a harmonious home and happy

Sometimes, couples who had been long enough to build the household no longer care about this one. There's no words of praise, dinner together, even the attention of any such expensive items. In fact, keeping the romance required by the couple until whenever, not just when they were dating. Just give her flowers, kissed her cheek, holding hands, praising each other, or a stroll along the romantic places to return to sprinkle love your spouse. Of course, ultimately the couple will feel tighter and tighter and need each other.

8. Hold a communication to build a harmonious home and happy

Communication is also one of the pillars husband-wife relationship. The loss also lost communication means one of the pillars of the house tanga. How might your relationship with your husband will be smooth if you are reluctant to even say hello. If the household is a car, then communication is the wheels. Without it, it's impossible to run the household.

Lots going on, the husband or wife is apathetic to the spouse being too busy working. Husband and wife are working, while children are busy with their own affairs, so just like a boarding house, each personally greeted each other scolds. This is the same as putting a time bomb that could explode at any time. It could, of you and then look for an outlet to make friends outside to vent and feel at home no longer live at home. So, try to always keep the communication with the husband. Take time to sit down or talk together, even just 5 minutes every day. Call or send email when you both are in your respective offices. Or lunch together. In essence, create the communication, so that each individual feels is needed.

9. Mutual praise and attention to build a harmonious home and happy

Although trivial, praise or attention of a very large effect on the husband, and vice versa. Pitched speech of praise will further strengthen the bonds of husband and wife. Without praise or attention, it is possible that there are only criticizing and demeaning each other. Mild praise such as "Mama Day cuisine is amazing, you know!" Or "Gee, Dad added cool wearing that tie." Trivial utterances like it will give a boost / spirit is incredible. Your partner will feel appreciated. Praised the fees or expenses not need expensive, really. What is needed is sincerity and love of the couple.

10. Include in the household god to build a harmonious home and happy

One of the most important foundation of marriage is a willing obedience to sharia because existence of God. In fact, if according to the calculations of matter, marriage was exhausting. That's the reward that God has promised value.

When the issue barely see the end of the base, restore it to the owner of the problem, Allah SWT. Pair your good sense would have thought to God. Look at the wisdom behind the problem. Insha Allah, there is the good of all the problems we face.

 Do not get bored with prayer. It may be that, with God taqarrub, severe problems can be seen light. And automatically, the solution will be visible in plain sight.

how to build a harmonious home and happy

how to build a harmonious home and happy


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