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Japanese Scientists Create Brain Transparent

Japanese Scientists Create Brain Transparent
Japanese scientists succeeded in creating a transparent brain. By using a solution called Sca le, scientists are altering the brain's white mice which had a murky become crystal clear.

Created a transparent brain could help scientists see the fluorescent marker inserted in the rat. Medical imaging into a new era with the creation of these transparent brains.

"Our current research is focused on the rat brain, but its application was limited to mice and the brain," said Atsushi Miyawaki, RIKEN Brain Institute Japanese researchers who created this transparent brain.

"We can develop the use of SCA le to other organs such as heart, kidney and muscle and tissue biopsy samples from primates and humans," said Miyawaki told National Geographic.

SCA le is a solution made from a material that is relatively simple. Its composition is urea (the main compound in the urine), glycerol (a compound also found in soaps) and detergent called Triton X. To make transparent the brain, the brain organ soaked for 2 weeks in this solution.

Unlike other solutions are also used to help see the brain, eliminating the SCA le no fluorescent marker. So far, the fluorescent marker is used to help fluorescent imaging.

Fluorescent imaging technique itself is used to map the architecture of the brain, from a network of nerves, blood vessels and other structures.

The brain is made transparent to assist mapping of brain architecture. More broadly, transparent organ could help the initial imaging before making a more expensive imaging such as CT Scan and MRI.

Applications for the treatment of disease, the doctor can analyze whether a given treatment actually affects the target organ. These things can not be done before the medical world.

Despite many benefits, le solution SCA will not be widely used soon. Miyawaki said, Sca le is still too toxic to use.

"We are currently looking for candidates other reagents that allow us to study the living tissue in the same way with lower transparency," says Miyawaki. Miyawaki discovery published in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

Japanese Scientists Create Brain Transparent


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