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All about Rose-Shaped Galaxy

All about Rose-Shaped Galaxy
To commemorate the 21st anniversary of the coming day of the first Hubble Space Telescope in space, NASA astronomers released images of this wonderful two interacting galaxies in the form of roses.

All about Rose-Shaped Galaxy

Together, the pair of galaxies called Arp 273 dancing. They are located in the constellation Andromeda, about 300 million light years from Earth. Although linked by a thin bridge of stars, their tens of thousands of light years away from each other.

Larger galaxies, called UGC 1810, about five times as large as its smaller companion, UGC 1813. Astronomers think the smaller galaxies fall directly over the greater: the inner set of spiral arms of UGC 1810 is very misleading, signs of distortion by the UGC 1813 is the pull of gravity. Meanwhile, UGC 1813 shows an intense burst of star formation at its core, possibly triggered by a swan-diving through a neighbor.

All about Rose-Shaped Galaxy
All about Rose-Shaped Galaxy

The image was captured on December 17, 2010, with three color filters in the Hubble Wide Field Camera 3. 21st anniversary of the Hubble is Sunday, April 24th.

"For 21 years, Hubble has profoundly changed our view of the universe, which allows us to see far into the past while opening our eyes to the majesty and wonders around us," said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden in a press release. "I am honored to pilot Discovery space shuttle for Hubble used. After all this time, new Hubble images still inspire awe and a testament to excellent work of many people behind the observatory in the world's most famous."

All about Rose-Shaped Galaxy


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