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qvae: All words about qvae, and live qvae

qvae: All words about qvae, and live qvae


I forget if ever grateful to the chamber 1010
The floor is aging because of my shoes every day leaves its mark
Dusty glass window because it did not reach my hand up to her ...

I also forgot to do was to thank the shoes stepped on a daily basis ....

All words about qvae, and live qvae


If it works hand and mouth to pray, what is more blissful than that.


I've eaten a lot, but why do I not satisfied, too?
Ah, it turns out I forgot to mention his asthma

So afraid of the big guys

If I were the Minister, if I am speaking style will change?
If I were a conglomerate, can I still eat tempeh?
If I were president, I still remember that I used was an ordinary person?


I know now that makes me tired ....
Because I was too much to make hard things easy
Because I always said I was busy when I'm doing nothing
Because I always require my brain to think of others while he was concentrating on one job


My mind is like the occasional difficulty regulating railroad passenger to sit out with a neat and orderly.
Its contents are too crowded, making it difficult to rope me into a brilliant idea.


I feel my productivity decreased
once again I thought then I thought,
I seem to complain too much
wasted my time runs out to get the words that sucks up energy and my heart
I should stop complaining


I know it's jealous, that is, when someone tells his prowess and hot ears to hear, my heart heavy loads like pressure, and pulled hard pressed to my lips into a smile.


Why upset if I could scarcely breathe?
Perhaps angry with the inhibition of blood flow
It seems I have to stop angry if you still want to breathe


My friend said, eyes that
someone falls in love with her.
I asked him, did he say that?
The answer: No, but I'm feeling.

I'm confused,

why women are more often felt in love, but it is not.


I began to fear a man who ujub because too many
compliments that passed through my right ear


I say sincerely that such waste water. If you already do not have to be checked out again.
I was once easy to define, but difficult to me to be sincere when you go


My sister said in her dream she was bathing and ear cleaning father under a shady tree in the quiet up there.
I could not help shed tears because you missed


I'm envious of the mother who stood longer and longer bow down when we were falling asleep since the early morning hours of 2, until the black mark on his forehead. More jealous because God lightened his foot to step into the mosque at dawn and dusk every day.

Work said my friend to get money. Working classmates friend said to look for a handful of pearls. Said my student work in order to buy the game. Work said the Japanese people to seek happiness. I agree with them, but sometimes not. I work to burn calories. I worked for him to run the command.

The sky is too high

I want to hang the ideals of a message to the skies as the father of the teacher in primary school. But the sky is too high for just a touch. But he said the sky in layers, so that so-so I hang my dream on one of the layers.


I will stop teaching when nothing else is willing to give me paljaran, when nothing else is willing to learn.


Countless are the natural grace that is picked up my hand, favors the eye and ear, nose and smell fills my lungs. But the generosity of my new one back to him: plant a flower in my home page


Deceased father has left a trail of cotton candy mango tree at the edge of the road that stretches in the complex. Pity me, because it has not looked good trail everywhere.


Is it boring? Boredom is a disease that must be healed through the love of work.


Stress is only one drug. Is laughing at the mistakes made by hand, mouth and feet. If it can do that, laugh


Reckless bad is it? Sometimes not. Reckless adrenaline can pump body so that he could not numb. Determined to create a new passion for life


When you feel lazy and lackluster bunch, suppose that the old are to this day only


No right to expect the working hands and feet will be rewarded with a pile of money, but if he does not fear the good bit


Happiness is something that becomes more delicious when enjoyed together, and turned into sadness when enjoyed alone.


If you're satisfied with personal success, it has not been able to succeed him before he called the success of those around him.


Sleep is something better to do than talk while attending the seminar.


I think of why this nation can not be grown, but its age is older? The answer I got in a seminar today: because we are not good listeners, we prefer to talk together when everyone else is talking.

Thank you

Accompany the acceptance of services with a thank you is an automatic response virtuous people.


Mimics very commendable if the intended good attitude.
Impersonating a very bad when you copy someone's work without his blessing.

The Big Man

Great men are not occupying high office but do not have empathy and shame doing wrong.
Great man is he who is always thinking about the welfare of the people,
rather large and magnificent house he would build.


If you have always argued over who should be the irregularity of work obligations,
then you should join the losers


Why wealth is always being chased people?
Perhaps because wealth gives immediate gratification
Perhaps because it offers a wealth of heaven on earth
What it all means that can not be smelled heavenly afterlife


Why do people always want the job?
Perhaps because the title gave him the power to oppress others
Perhaps because of the position as a revered place
Perhaps because they are happy venerated
Though the future was hard to account


Why do people spend money to get a degree?
Perhaps because of all the people hesitate because of his title
Perhaps because of his rank up as titles
Perhaps because of its bargaining position because of his title soar
What's in a title if there is no work that was born after
What's in a title if it is obtained by dishonest
qvae: All words about qvae, and live qvae

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