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Handsome contest in Africa: Unique Tourism

Handsome contest in Africa
There is a very unique when you vacation in Africa, which became one of the unique attractions of the world that is typical of African-looking contest.
The following is a description of the contest handsome in Africa
Gorgeous .. Handsome contest in Africa

Handsome contestant Wodaabe in Niger decorate the front and danced for hours in order to win. They wore make-up, flirting and wearing shiny clothes for all members of the jury that she chose them as winners. The slim-bodied men, with a symmetrical face and a gold tooth. They may be eligible after painting the face with the beauty of clay is red, white and yellow.

Beauty contest known as Gerewol was held to commemorate the fertility and rain in the outskirts of the dry Saharan Africa. Lipstick and beads associated possibility of femininity in Western society, but it aims to affirm the ceremony costumes handsome man.

The importance of color by Handsome contest in Africa

The jury, the daughter of the previous winners of colors used are also symbolic, says Mette bovine, an anthropologist who examined the Wodaabe Denmark since 1970. Yellowish red in the face associated with blood and violence so it can only be used for a specific event. Yellow clay used for decorating the face of a dancer is the color of magic and change.

And the black color is used to darken the lips and the eyes are the favorite colors to explain, especially because it is contrary to the white color, color loss and death, says author bovine Nomads Who Cultivate Beauty. In order to better the lipstick lips, should be made from the bones of cranes, birds Wodaabe people connect with charisma. Imitating dance moves stork, and the men sang with thrilling lips painted "lipstick stork", said bovine.

Champion lover so the jury by Handsome contest in Africa

Djao decorate themselves to be champions, but he's lost And the prize? Each jury to choose the champion and there is a chance to make the man as her lover, even though they already have the others. But arranged marriages are not just limited to the jury and the winners.

"You dance Gerewol to get a girlfriend, even though you have to steal another man's wife," said one participant Djao.

He met his second wife Tembe at Gerewol previously held. "You can be married or dating."

Tembe is also seeking a partner. "I've seen the three men that I love." No one questioned if residents in Gerewol wedding vows exclude temporarily or permanently, the director of the BBC's Human Planet, Tuppence Stone.

"Marriage is the first set when the men and women are still very young, so Gerewol is an opportunity for courtship," he said. Wodaabe culture does not recognize polygamy. Marrying a new partner means leaving the old one.
Handsome contest in Africa
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