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Detailed information about education in singapore

Detailed information about education in singapore

Detailed information about education in singapore

You have to know the education system in Singapore is slightly different from the education system in Indonesia. For details please consult the Education System in Singapore.

- Tuition in Singapore

Primary education
For public schools and school government assistance, the cost per month is as follows:

S $ 120 for Primary Schools
S $ 170 for secondary school
S $ 280 for Pre-University Education / academy
Regarding the cost of independent schools and regions vary widely, please check directly to the institution in question.

Secondary Institutions
Education costs can change each year.

To see the cost of schools in Singapore a more complete can be read in Singapore Edu Website.

- Find a school or department in Singapore

Find a school that is closest to your home or apartment, or you can also find schools that match the direction you want your or your child. Please use the following link to look at school you want in Singapore. Edu Singapore Website.

- Up School in Singapore
To help ensure that you have taken appropriate steps to register, we explain in detail on this link to the registration procedures of different institutions in Singapore.

- Letter of license fees for students / Student's Pass
International students are required to apply for Student's Pass before his education in Singapore, unless they are holding a Dependent Pass (DP) or sign-Free Immigration (IEO). After receiving the letter of acceptance from the school, students have to take care of the ICA to submit Student's Pass. Students who hold the DP or the IEO can immediately follow the course after graduation in the school Placement Test.

- Student Accommodation

Below are the types of accommodation available to international students:

Hostel School
First-year international students are normally given priority to stay in hostels in the campus area. Rooms can be single or shared. Meal packages are available at an additional cost. Provide amenities such as a TV room, reading room, laundry room, computer room, kitchen, etc.. Events are also organized to create intimacy between residents.

Room rates range from S $ 155 - S $ 560 per month depending on the number of students in one room.

Living room & Dormitory
Boarding schools are usually open to the academy or Advanced age between 13 to 19 years. Options are usually carried out by an interview of parents and students. Boarding services include lodging, meals, laundry services, 24 hour security, pastoral guidance, tuition, supervision, exercise and sports facilities.

The spirit of togetherness often arise in a boarding school along with the intimacy and friendship that exist between the inhabitants. Rates range from S $ 8,000 - S $ 15,000 per academic year.

Private-owned inn
Privately owned inn run by educational institutions or independent agencies. Choice of single or sharing is usually available.
For information and a list of Boarding School, Hostel and Hostel Private Schools, click here.

Homestay / Boarding School Children
Some families in Singapore opened its doors and offers accommodation including meals to students / international students. Homestay Program aims to provide a conducive environment so that pupil / student can enjoy a comfortable environment, to receive proper attention and psychological support from the guardian at the time the parents are not with him. The cost of homestay ranges from S $ 1,000 to S $ 1,600 per month. Read here for more information on Boarding School Children in Singapore.

So that nothing is forgotten the following check list before the list of departure and arrival list.
Detailed information about education in singapore

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