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Two American adventure in china

Two American adventure in china
Two American adventure in china
Before I tell you about Shaanxi, I have to share some valuable insights I have gained through work experience, the Chinese findings. I can already tell you that the work here is not for those easily put off by the linguistic and cultural challenges. It's also not a place for Americans who want to bring home more money. But if you want to learn a language, find a way in other cultures, and travel to a mysterious land far, China is a great place to do it.
First of all, if you are looking for a job that does not involve the English language, good luck. Without years of experience in other fields, you are just one of 1.3 billion, and maybe even can not speak or write Chinese. In Shaanxi we met a man from India who worked as a cook at a Chinese restaurant, but if you want to get 400RMB (about U.S. $ 50) per month as a cake made illegal immigrants throughout the day, it may not work for you. Teaching English as well not be your ideal job, but if you are a native speaker may be the ticket entrance .. in fact, entrance and exit, worker visa, residence, and 3000-7000RMB ($ 375-900) per month salary for most jobs, a lot of money here. Abundant sites to find the show, you just need to know what to look for, which I will try to put under it.

I'll be more specific in my goals of working and living here, so you'll know whether we are on the same page. I graduated from college with a double major in Computer Science and French, and made it into the three-year Chinese classes as well. The Chinese did not need to find a job teaching English, but if one of your main goals is to learn a language, you will have more opportunities to practice if you can save yourself the basic conversation before getting here. So, after working as a defense contractor doing computer programming for some time after graduation, I decided to save - I want something more interesting, something along the lines of teaching children rather than help the Bush military. I want to come back with a fresh perspective on the world, a new language, and experience in a new line of work.

If you have the same ambitions to work in China, the first thing you want is a job where you can interact with the Chinese, have time to learn on their own, and support yourself. One of the first things to look for in a job teaching English is how many hours you work per week. This should include classes, hours of work, preparation for class, and other times you are expected to be available for work. There are stories all over the internet about foreign teachers for teaching jobs sweatshop cheated, but if you are careful, there's really no way it could happen. You must demand a contract that sets the number of hours you work per week, and if more work is "expected" after you arrive, go to the police. As a native English speaker, you are a hot commodity in the English-crazy China, and if you end up in jobs that can not keep the contract, there's nothing keeping you from going.

Once you find a school with a reasonable contract, begin to read more about it. Online search for a name and see if any employees have been talking about it. Visit China if you can, and see if it looks "professional". How about their English language web site? If they have been open long enough, and has a loyal foreign employees, of course they must have a sound professional site. Looking back, I can see that our schools are not the best choice in this matter. Start the search early so your options open. The school year starts in September, and schools that have their stuff together will find a teacher in the early Summer.

Where in China you choose to work is an important factor. In the North and Southwest China, the varieties spoken Mandarin as their everyday language, and although the local dialect may be outside your grasp for quite a while even if you know some Mandarin language, should be easier than in other places where dialect much further than the official language. My problem with the North China actually is dust, which I do not understand for such a problem until I came here. Being from Boston, the winter weather does not seem to be much of a problem for me here in Shaanxi (which is considered as the North). More important factor for me is the size of the city, because as I suspect there are almost no other foreigners here, which makes it easier to meet locals. I know people who have gone to big cities like Shanghai and undergo "expat" life for a few months, mostly hanging out with other foreigners and go to the bar every day, but it's not for me. So far, it seems to have paid off, and I am more than happy with my choice to come here. I'll be back to tell you more about my experience and show you what it's really like here. Here is a picture of some 肉夹馍 me to lunch to whet your appetite.

Two American adventure in china

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