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Facts About IQ and how to improve IQ

Facts About IQ and how to improve IQ
What is IQ and benefits and how to increase it?

Facts About IQ and how to improve IQ 
First of all, confusion is likely to be found in the community is what really "intelligence" is. For example, a reader of my article titled "Based on the nature of Human Blood" called it "a misleading folly," while on the other hand, my fiance called it "the most rational explanation that I found from a sample at my university." Another example of maybe you've heard the phrase "He's a high IQ test scores, but he is not that smart," or even "Wow, that's really smart."
Often times, the criticism of intelligence testing came from distrust of scientists of psychology and mental game. Just look at the western film, how often does a psychologist to be a good person (the protagonist) rather than the bad guy (antagonist). Are also shown in the film when a psychologist predictions wrong than right.
A true picture of the progress of psychological science with other sciences, it is not perfect. IQ tests and IQ scores are not perfect. He showed the value of a piece of intelligence, not all parts of the intelligence.

What exactly is IQ?
Depending on who you ask. Many people even know that in addition to clinical psychologists measure cognitive ability is the first widely accepted that developed the French psychologist, Binet, when he was tasked with improving government services to school children who have developmental disorders. Lewis Terman of Stanford to fix it, and creates what is called the Stanford-Binet, which when you are old enough now, once you get when you enter vocational school. There are also other types such as the Wechsler tests, such as WAIS-IV for adults and WISC-IV for children.
At present, Charles Spearman, one of the great figures of psychology, found that when we give certain kinds of intelligence tests - for example, to design the building design or solve logic problems - the score is different, but strongly correlated with each other. The conclusion is that there is a major factor behind these tests, with a small factor in the set top score slightly higher or lower - the main factor is called g, or "general intelligence (general). The idea of ​​g is still used today. IQ test score is given to us; g is hidden construction which we can not measure directly. He is partially reflected in IQ scores. The purpose of clinical and cognitive psychologists in designing the IQ test now is to approach as close as possible g.

For most psychologists, viewing g as viewing pornography. You know it's porn, but you can not define it. David Wechler attempted to define, according to g is a "global capacity or the aggregate of the individual to act on purpose, to think rationally and effectively cope with their environment." It is the ability of your reasoning tools to adapt to the environment, or the kind of environment that may exist.

Facts About IQ and how to improve IQ 

By definition Wechler, IQ comparisons between species is a silly thing. A monkey is much more intelligent than us in terms of environment and life. This construct was located between the real and imaginary. He brought some of its meaning from its relationship to anything else that appears to exist with certainty in the real world: academic achievement and employment for example. This definition has been criticized because it is not scientific, in the sense of having no predictive value. What predictions can be generated from the definition of g Wechler? Each person can be an IQ test, its value only reflects its environment. That's it. He is no smarter and no more stupid. Then what good is an IQ test?

Therefore many psychologists withdraw to the previous concept of the Stanford-Binet. In this concept, they can predict if a child has trouble reading, spatial reasoning problems, etc.. Thus, a person's IQ score can be the first step to recognize his problems and find out how education can be overcome.

We can take the analogy of the brain as a computer. People of high IQ means faster processor and RAM is high. That's it. Not that a software virus can not enter into it. High IQ people are not immune to mental illness or distress, nor does it guarantee the person is able to make a success in a career and family (which is a concrete problem). In fact, our lives are dominated largely by concrete problems or what is termed as "crystallized intelligence".

Can IQ be improved?
In the study of intelligence, no such thing Flynn Effect. Dr. Flynn found that IQ increased an average of 30 points every 100 years. We are more intelligent in some things than our grandparents.
This increase is clearly too high if only because of genetics. Grandparents have a gene similar to us. Therefore, 30-point IQ difference is due to the environment and learning.
Dr. Flynn explained this difference is a difference in the learning of abstract thinking. Our ancestors lived on Earth as a practical man who had to concentrate on concrete issues, the problems of everyday life. IQ tests are tests of abstract. Now, we are taught to think abstractly. As a result we increased IQ test scores.

Abstract thinking is thinking in a logical generalization and abstraction, while the concrete thinking is thinking straight (literally) and bound to the impression of the senses at the time.
IQ tests are analyzed to Singapore for example, showed an increase in IQ is very high compared to Indonesia (106 vs. 86). Based on the Flynn effect, this means nothing. All we can say is, people in Singapore have a more supportive learning environments and abstraction than those in Indonesia. Indonesia is still busy taking care of people living day-to-day issues, while Singapore has played a variety of mathematical formulas in their daily life.

Flynn effect also explains why men and liberal atheists have higher IQ points instead of 6 to 11 male and conservative theists. This is because atheism is generally a shift from the position of theism, it is based on logic and abstract thinking such as critical thinking. I think it would be very little likelihood that an atheist merely a part of it or the doctrine of his parents, which is a concrete idea.
Of course, since abstract thought using the brain as the main organ, the brain disorder in the area concerned can result in two possible score IQ or IQ scores decline. These disorders may be directly or indirectly, eg through nutrition. Health disorders such as sickle cell anemia and multiple sclerosis shown to decrease the ability to think abstractly and consequently lower IQ scores.

Thus, to improve your IQ, you have to: learn the more abstract, abstract discussion of living in an environment that supports, as well as foods that are good for the brain. Examples of subjects are abstract logic, philosophy, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, etc.. Concrete examples of subjects are art, sport, marketing, communications, and what is called the life-skill. High IQ is better if you work in fields related to abstract issues, such as scientists or designers. There are areas that require the ability of abstract and concrete as well, such as education. As my professor said, Math is very difficult, but even more difficult Mathematics Education
Facts About IQ and how to improve IQ

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