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Health education Qvae: Tips for Eye Looks interesting.

Health education Qvae: Tips for Eye Looks interesting.

Health education Qvae: Tips for Eye Looks interesting.
Eyes are the most noticed part of the face. One's feelings can be seen from her eyes so that the organ is called the window of the liver. Beautiful eyes are part of an attraction for a woman's appearance, which is why the makeup, eye makeup usually takes the longest time. However, the eye also has a variety of problems that can make the face is not fresh. That's why you must treat this window as well as possible liver.

Problems in the Eye
The appearance of your eyes should certainly be kept attractive and beautiful. The eyes can convey a lot of things, including your personality. Therefore, analyze problems that occur on your eyes if you begin to look unattractive. Some of the problems that commonly occur in the appearance of the eye, among others, are described below.

black circles
One reason is because of heredity, while the cause is not inevitable with age. With increasing age, more and more circles around the eyes to darken. Lack of sleep can also cause dark circles, or pollution and stress.
Eye bags:
Eye bags are actually the body fluid or fat that can not be disposed of properly. This is quite annoying because it makes your eyes look puffy.
The main factor is due to age resulting in a lack of collagen content and reduced elasticity of the skin. Although the biological age of a person not old, but premature aging can occur in anyone. The cause is excessive sun and dehydration.
Beautiful eyes

After learning some of the problems that occur in the appearance of the eyes, then how do you keep your eyes look good? To avoid the appearance of eye problems and keep your eyes still sparkle, you can perform a variety of prevention and treatment for the eye. Maintenance is easy and can be done at home. Here are some beauty tips to make the eyes stay beautiful.

Clean the eyes of cosmetics before going to bed:
If not cleaned, the rest of cosmetics will clog pores. To clean the eye, you should use a special eye cleaning the eye, because the eye has a section which is more sensitive than the other face. Or use whole milk to clean it. After that, apply eye cream that will help maintain the eye at night.
Protect your eyes from the sun:
When the activity during the day outdoors, be sure to use sunscreen or use eye gel to refresh eye. Instead, use goggles to protect from ultraviolet rays, or use an umbrella or a hat.
Drinking enough water:
This will prevent dehydration, which means to prevent wrinkles in the eye.
Consumption of fruits and vegetables:
The content of minerals, vitamins in fruits are vital nutrients for eye beauty, while also beneficial for skin and body health. Especially, the content of vitamin C in fruits or vegetables may help the formation of collagen, which adds to the elasticity of the eye.
Avoid rubbed his eyes:
When used for dirty hands rubbed his eyes, it can cause eye irritation.
Compress the eye:
Compress using a piece of potato or cucumber for 10 minutes is useful for reducing dark circles. To facilitate the circulation of blood in the eye, the eye can be compressed using an ice cube and rubbed around the eyes. As an antiseptic for the eyes, put betel leaves in hot water, and let the moisture on your eyes.
Health education Qvae: Tips for Eye Looks interesting.

After performing eye care, pay attention to your daily habits because of the bad habits one can trigger premature aging. Among other things, smoking, stress, lack of sleep, or are allergic to certain cosmetics. Also note the expiry date of cosmetics that do not become irritated.

The eyes can communicate the attitudes and emotions. Eyes can indicate surprise or fear. Even the eyes can reflect feelings of nostalgia or affection. Sometimes, the eyes can be expressed doubt or pain. Eyes can speak. Hence, make your eyes into a dazzling beautiful eyes.

Health education Qvae: Tips for Eye Looks interesting.


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