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Teaching children to be independent

Teaching children to be independent
Teaching children to be independent
Your  children  starts to do things yourself? Use this opportunity to help children be more independent.

In general, children begin to show independence at the age of 18-24 months. The child began to hold his own spoon and put into his mouth. Holding a mug or bottle their own milk.
He also insisted to feed themselves and began to fuss when sitting in his small dining chair. Your  children  wants to eat at the same table with his father and mother.

After two years of age children also begin to open and close buttons of its own and began to go to the toilet unaccompanied. He also wanted to put on and remove clothes and do some things yourself.

With limited motor skills of  children  independent action would make such a mess dinner. But it is precisely this opportunity for children to learn independently. Do not want to because of all the net, you will continue to feed the children until time indefinite.

If food is messy, you can get him straightened, explaining that she should eat more foods that do not have time to get into his body.

Like adults, children also learn from the experience. Let them experience the discomfort of one set buttons. Or stuck in the dark moment when trying to put on or take off his own clothes.

Support parents in the delicate moments of the  children  wants to be independent is very important. By allowing children to do things yourself, you have to give the baby a chance to build confidence and learn from mistakes.

Equally important, your  children  will not become a person who spoiled and can not be separated away from you.

Teaching children to be independent

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